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What is the 1 US01LV Message? | Explained

The phone call is the path of conversation between the two users simultaneously. The conversation between the two users is established by their carrier service providers. Sometimes, calling on AT&T carrier service, we might receive the error “1 US01LV” message because the number we are calling is unavailable at that moment.

This blog will demonstrate the details of what is the “1 US01LV” message and methods to resolve the issue of this error message.

What is 1 US01LV Message Meaning?

The “1 US01LV” message means that we are trying to call an AT&T number, which is unavailable at that time. There is nothing to worry about in this message; this encrypted message means only means that the user we are trying to call is not reachable at that time. A huge number of people report that they receive this message when trying to call an AT&T number, which means that this error message is only specific to the AT&T carrier service. 

Why are we Receiving this “1 US01LV” Message?

There are various reasons for this message, and some of the most common reasons are mentioned below:

Reason 1. Poor Coverage Area

There is a problem with connectivity and signal strengths in the dead zones. we might not be able to reach the receiver through the call. 

Reason 2. Receiver Phone is Off

If the receiver phone is off, this could lead us to a “1 US1LV” error. For example, if the phone of the receiver has broken, is not charged, or gets switched off due to any reason, this makes him/her unreachable and throws the error “1 US1LV” for us. 

Reason 3. The Number is Blocked

If the receiver has blocked us intentionally or unintentionally, this won’t let us connect with him/her, and the error message “1 US1LV” occur. So, we have to ensure that we do not lie within the receiver blacklist/blocklist.

Reason 4. Number Doesn’t Support Incoming Calls

Sometimes, we try to call those users whose numbers do not support incoming calls. This rarely happens; however, such functionality can be applied by carrier or service provider on demand. So, this could be why we cannot reach the receiver.

What to Do When we Receive the “1 US01LV” Message?

In order to resolve this issue, some solutions are mentioned below:

Solution 1: Call Again After Some Time

There’s quite a possibility that the receiver is in a poor coverage area or his/her phone is powered off.  Try to call the user later; hopefully, after some time, the receiver might be available to answer the call. 

Solution 2: Try Calling other Numbers

We have to ensure that the issue is from our side or the receiver’s side. To check this, try to call another number of the receiver; if the other number is also not reachable, that means the problem is from our end. Consider checking your block list as shown in solution five. If the issue persists, contact your carrier provider and inform them of the issue in detail.

Solution 3: Reinsert the Sim Card

To reinsert your sim card, switch off your phone first. Next, remove the SIM card using the sim ejector tool. Now, adjust the SIM card to its place properly, then insert it back into the phone. After doing so, switch the phone on. Make the call to check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 4: Send the Text Message 

Sending the text message could be helpful because sometimes it even works when the recipient is in a bad connectivity area. Doing so will let the receiver know that you are trying to reach him/her and he/she might give you a callback.

Solution 5: Check the Block List

If we accidentally block the phone number we are trying to call, in this case, check the block list of the phone. Unblock the phone number by following the below described steps:

Note: These steps might differ depending on the device’s software.

  • First, open up the “Phone log” app on the device.
  • Then, tap on the “” option located at the top right corner of the screen:
  • After that, tap on the “Setting” option:
  • Next, tap on the “Blocked Numbers” option:
  • Finally, click on the “x” option and then click on the “unblock” option:

These steps will unblock the phone number from the block list. 

We have covered all the reasons as well as the solution for the error “1 US01LV”.


The “1 US01LV” is an encrypted message, meaning that the number we are trying to call is unavailable at that time. This message is usually received when trying to call an At&T number. There are multiple reasons for this message, such as poor coverage area, the number being on the block list, and the carrier number not supporting incoming calls. There are various methods to fix this error message, such as removing the number from the block list, restarting the phone, and reaching out to customer care to get help resolving this issue. In this post, we have explained the details of the “1 US01LV” message and the methods to resolve this error message.

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