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Is Adguard DNS Safe? Everything You Need To Know

The DNS(Domain Name System) is the foundation of the internet that helps humans to access information online via the domain names, such as (name of the website).com. The DNS service translates human-readable names like (www.website-name.com) into the IP Address like (

In this blog, we will explain the details of the Adguard DNS.

What is Adguard DNS and How to Utilize Adguard DNS on Windows?

Adguard DNS is the server that blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites on all the devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Our personal information is protected by Adguard DNS from malicious websites and hackers. 

To utilize the Adguard DNS on Windows, follow the below steps:

  • First, download the Adguard DNS by clicking on this link. This app can be downloaded on different devices, like android, ios, or windows.
  • Then, after downloading, simply follow the on-screen instruction and select the protection options that we need, such as ad block and block malicious domains.
  • Finally, after completing the wizard process, toggle the turn-on button to activate it.

Features of Adguard DNS

The Adguard DNS provides multiple protection services to its users, and some of its efficient features are mentioned in the steps below:

  • Adguard DNS allows the user to create custom controls for the websites by adding the domains to the interface.
  • Adguard DNS provides parental control to its user. In parental control, the Adguard DNS automatically identifies illegal content and filters it out for the kids. With this feature, parents have the control to block specific websites.  
  • The Ad Blocking feature will block the ads on all devices that are connected to the DNS network.
  • The tracker blocking feature will block all the third-party trackers/apps that try to steal our personal information.
  • Adguard DNS assistant will let the user know if they experience anything unwanted during browsing.

Is Adguard DNS Safe or Not?

The Adguard comes with a package of features that will protect the user from ads and malicious websites. Adguard has been providing services for many years, and right now, it is a huge brand. So, Adguard is very safe software to use.

How the Adguard is Safe (Reasons and Explanation)

There are several reasons that justify Adguard DNS being safe to utilize: some explanations are stated below:

  • The Adguard DNS cannot access our private browsing sessions; it just provides the path that protects us from malicious attacks.
  • The Adguard is an open-source project that can be modified by anyone. The code of the Adguard is publicly attainable.
  • The Adguard uses policy transparency in which the data they get from the user is completely safe with them.
  • The Adguard consistently updates its system to protect the user from threats, and sometimes, it also adds some new features in the update.

We have covered in detail what is Adguad DNS and how safe it is.


Adguard is an application that blocks ads, malicious domains, and trackers on all devices. The Adguard provides some great features, such as domain blocking management, parental controls, and tracker blocking. The Adguard is safe to use for many reasons, such as it is open source, uses policy transparency, and DNS redirection only. In this post, we have provided all the details of the Adguard DNS.

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