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What is Android Honeyboard & How to Fix it?

Android is an operating system which is manufactured by Google for the smartphone. Different popular smartphone companies like Samsung, Oneplus, and Oppo link their own software to make its device more unique and different from the others, such as the software of Samung is OneHome UI. In that software, there are package files that are used to perform all the functions on the device.

This post will elaborate on the Honeyboard app and valuable solutions to fix the com.samsung.android.honeyboard has stopped the error.

What is Android Honeyboard?

The Android Honeyboard is a pre-installed keyboard application on the Samsung smartphone. The com.samsung.android.honeyboard is the package name of the Honeyboard application. This package file enables the keyboard to work on Samsung devices.

KeyFeatures of Honeyboard Application on Samsung Smartphones

The Honeyboard keyboard provides many great features that make it unique and different from other keyboard applications. Some of its famous features are stated below:

  • Support different languages
  • Variety of emojis 
  • Allow us to customize the layout of the keyboard
  • Support Samsung Pass
  • Gestures 

How to Fix “com.samsung.android.honeyboard” has Stopped Error on Samsung Device

Sometimes, a notification is displayed on the status bar of the device screen stating “com.samsung.android.honeyboard” has stopped the error. This error happens because of several reasons such as “outdated software”, “cache memory” and “temporary bugs and glitch”. The solutions to fix this error are briefly stated below:

  1. Reboot/Restart the Device 
  2. Clear Cache Data of the Honeyboard App
  3. Update the Software of the Android device
  4. Factory Reset the Android device 

Solution 1: Restart/Reboot the Device 

The rebooting process will close all the running applications on the Android device and then load again from scratch. This will remove all the temporary bugs and glitches of the device. To restart an Android device, simply, hold the power key for 2 seconds and then choose the “Restart/Reboot” option. 

Solution 2: Remove the Cache Data of the Honeyboard App

The cache data contains files that often got corrupted and cause this error message. So, we need to remove those files from the device. To do this operation, we will follow the below stated steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the smartphone settings and choose the “Apps” tab.
  • Step 2: Hit the “All Apps” tab and then locate the Honeyboard app.
  • Step 3: Pick the “Storage” tab and Hit the “Clear Cache” tab.

Solution 3: Update the Software of the Android Device

The software update will resolve all the software-related issues and add more features to the device. To update the software of the Android smartphone, we will go through the below-described steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the smartphone settings and choose the “About Phone” tab.
  • Step 2: Select the “Software Update” option and then choose the “Install” option if asked.

Solution 4: Factory Reset the Android Device

In this solution, we will factory reset the device, which means the device will boot up to the initial startup page. This operation will delete all types of data from the cellphone, however, make a backup copy of the data to save the important files. To do a factory reset, we will follow the below stated:

  • Step 1: Select the “System” option on the settings of the device.
  • Step 2: Choose the “reset” option then hit the “reset phone” option.
  • Step 3: Again, select the “reset phone/ erase” option.

The device will power down and restart to the bootup menu.

We have covered all the details about Honeyboard on Android.


The Honeyboard is a pre-loaded system keyboard application on the Samsung smartphone. This keyboard offers multiple amazing features, such as “support Samsung pass”, “multiple languages” and “layout customization”. Sometimes, the error notification “com.samsung.android.honeyboard” has stopped will appear on the device due to software-related issues and app cache. To rectify this error, we will apply different solutions, such as “software update”, “clearing cache data”, and “factory reset the device”. This blog has explained all the details about Honeyboard and feasible solutions to fix its error notification.

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