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What Is AT&T Internet 18?

The DSL is a Digital Subscriber Line that is used to transfer digit data through telephone landlines. DSL internet is a high-speed internet that receives signals from telephone lines and converts them into digital for the user’s use. Many computers and smartphones can be connected by the DSL modem.

This write-up will demonstrate all the details of the AT&T internet 18.

What is AT&T Internet18?

The AT&T internet18 is a stable DSL high-speed internet connection for the use of home needs. AT&T Internet has an 18 Mbps(megabits per second) download speed and an uploading speed is 1.8 Mbps; at that speed, we can easily enjoy the HD streaming of Netflix movies, online gaming, uploading files, and streaming music. The AT&T DSL internet is best for normal use, such as if we have 3 to 5 devices connected to the DSL, then we can use it at its peak. AT&T Internet has also AT&T Fiber which is faster than AT&T DSL internet. AT&T Fiber can easily connect 10 to 12 devices.

Right now AT&T Internet services are available in 21 states of America. To check the prices and plans of AT&T internet go to this link.

Advantages of AT&T Internet 18

The most admired advantages of AT&T internet are given below:

  • There is an additional 10$ equipment fee, from now the AT&T internet skip the equipment fee and add the rental fee per month.
  • Sometimes the signal might be weak at some places in the home, so we can get the Wifi extender from AT&T Internet at the cost of 50$ for the single extender.

Data Caps of AT&T Internet

The data cap is the limit of internet usage for customers based on their internet plans. There are different data caps of the AT&T internet based on the customer’s needs. The maximum “250GB” (gigabytes) is the highest data cap for customers. AT&T Internet has also provided a “1TB” (terabytes) data cap for customers who need to do a lot of office work, stream online gaming, and much more.

Is AT&T Internet Secure or Not

The AT&T Internet is a very secure internet. It has allowed the usage of 3 computers to the customers charging 5$ per month. Moreover, AT&T services provide a security suite which is powered by McAfee. There are several benefits of it which are given below:

  • AT&T security suite safely cleans the junk files to free up the space in the hard drive and protects the computer from slowdown.
  • It blocks the hackers who try to steal your data or information.
  • The technology of anti-virus and malware protects the computer from malicious attacks.
  • As AT&T security suite is owned by McAfee, the McAfee advisor gives security ratings to the websites that help us to keeping the safe distance from online dangerous websites.

We have explained what is AT&T internet 18 is along with its advantages. We have also elaborated in detail on how much AT&T’s internet secure is.


AT&T Internet is DSL high-speed internet that can transfer Digital data through the Telephone landline. The downloading speed of AT&T Internet is 18Mbps and the uploading speed is 1.8Mbps. The AT&T Internet is good for the use of 3 to 5 devices. AT&T Internet has a data cap of 1TB. The AT&T Internet is a very secure Internet, users can safely use the websites through the AT&T Internet services.

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