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[Quick Fix] AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping

The Internet is the system that interconnects computer networks globally. The Internet protocol suite “TCP/IP” is used to interact between the devices and computer networks. People share information all across the world with the help of the Internet. AT&T’s internet is one of the most efficient internet service providers in the US(United States).

This tutorial will demonstrate the details to fix the problem “AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping”.

Reason for AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping

There are various reasons that can cause the problem, the most common that is reported by most of the users are given below:

  • AT&T Internet makes changes in the functionality to provide better service to its network. During the process of updating these functionalities, the users can face troubles with the internet. 
  • AT&T Internet will face the problem when the devices are operating from a long distance out of its range.
  • AT&T Internet will face the issue of providing strong signals in the presence of other electronic devices such as Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and other routers.
  • If the AT&T router is outdated and is being used from a long time, the hardware of the router might be damaged, therefore, upgrade the router by contacting AT&T Customer Support. AT&T internet will replace the damaged router for free.

These are the common reasons which can cause AT&T’s internet to keep dropping. Now, let’s move toward the solutions.

How to Fix the Problem of AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping?

There are numerous solutions to resolve the issue of AT&T’s Internet Keeps Dropping. Let’s check these methods for fixing the problem in the below guide.

Solution 1. Removing the Resistance of Objects/Electrical Equipment

The electrical equipment can disturb and frail the internet signal of the router, such as “Television”, “Microwaves”, and “CCTVs”. It is recommended to keep away the router or DSL modem of the AT&T internet from these electronic devices. This will help you in getting strong internet signals.

Solution 2. Check the Frequency of the Internet

Check the frequency of your network or the network of people around you; if you are on the same frequency, consider switching the channel of the wireless router to move on a separate frequency.

Solution 3. Check the Cordless Phone 

The cordless phone can interrupt the internet signals/connection because the frequency of the cordless phone is the same as the frequency of the router which is “2.4GHz”. In that case, it is recommended to update the cordless phone that will operate on a different frequency.

Solution 4. Avoid Physical Interference

The internet signals of the router will face obstructions if they have to pass through physical interference, such as walls and floors. In this case, change the location of the DSL modem and router to such a place where the internet signal will not face any obstruction.

Solution 5. Check the Phone Cord of RJ11

The phone “Cord RJ11” is the part of the device that connects the modem to the jack of the phone. The phone jack might be damaged and need replacement because of the extended usage. The signals are more likely to be weakened and lose the internet signals if the cord is 14 feet long from the modem.

Solution 6. Check the Wiring of the Telephone

Sometimes the indoor wiring of the telephone might be defective which can cause the loss of the DSL signals. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a proficient telephone wiring repair person to check/repair the wiring.

Solution 7. Change the Telephone Jack

The jack of the telephone might be impaired and not working properly, in that case, connect another telephone jack to the modem to test it out. If you find any irrelevant noise has gone then the earlier telephone jack was damaged. So, changing the telephone jack can instantly resolve the problem.

We have wrapped all the possible methods to solve the problem of AT&T’s internet keeps dropping.


The reason for the problem of AT&T’s internet keeps dropping is the physical obstruction or damaged router. To fix this problem the solutions are: removing the resistance, checking the frequency, checking the cordless, avoiding physical interference, checking the phone cord of RJ11, checking the wiring of the phone, checking the phone jack, phone ringing disjoining the service and analyze the DSL filter are the solutions of this issue. In this guide, we have learned how to fix the problem of AT&T’s internet keeps dropping with the help of suitable solutions.

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