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How do I Boost WiFi Speed on Android

In this modern era, the internet is a very essential part of our lives because without the internet we cannot do any work online. However, if the WiFi speed is not good then it will interrupt our online important business meetings, buffering while watching movies, or cause high ping in games.

This tutorial will illustrate the different methods to boost the WiFi speed in Android smartphones.

How to Boost Wi-Fi Speed on Android: Advanced Tips for Better Connectivity

We can boost the WiFi speed on the Android smartphone with the assistance of various methods. The in-depth procedure of these methods is explained below:

  • Check the Router Place 
  • Remove the Case of the Android Smartphone
  • Utilize 5GHz band Connection 
  • Update the Android Smartphone
  • Purchase a New Router

Let’s explore each method one by one

Method 1: Check the Router Place 

Check the router place, if there is a high distance between the router and us then the weak internet issue will occur on the Android smartphone. To boost the internet speed, simply, sit close to the WiFi router or consider changing the router location. After changing the location, if the signal is not strong then restart the router. 

Method 2: Remove the Case of the Android Smartphone

If our phone case contains metal, this can disturb the WiFi signal on the Android smartphone. So, remove the case of the Android smartphone and then check the WiFi speed. If there is no difference in the WiFi speed then try the other stated methods.

Method 3: Utilize 5GHz Band Connection 

Most of the new Android smartphone supports the 5GHz band, if our router supports 2.4 GHz then a weak internet problem can occur on the Android smartphone. To boost the speed of the WiFi, change the frequency band to 5GHz of the router.

Note: The 5GHz frequency is best for short-range usage and 2.4 GHz is best for long-range uses which means the 5GHz provides fast internet service when we are close to it and 2.4 GHz provides the normal speed whether we are close to it or not. 

Method 4: Update the Android Smartphone

Sometimes, there are bugs and glitches in the software of the Android smartphone which will also cause the weak internet issue. Updating the Android software will fix the software-related issues and add new features to it. The steps to update the Android software are listed below:

Step 1: Open the System Settings 

Navigate to the settings of the “Smartphone” and then choose the “System” option:

Step 2: Update the Android Software

Select the “System Update/ Software Update” option and then download it:

Method 5: Purchase New Router

Most of the new Android smartphones support WiFi 6 technology that came in 2019 and the WiFi 6E came in 2020. If the router we have is old more than 3 years then there could be a compatibility issue between the Android and router. So, purchase a new router that supports at least WiFi 6 technology. The WiFi 6E is also an option but it is expensive. 

Learn about AT&T-compatible modems and routers in the mentioned dedicated guide.

We have presented the five most beneficial methods to maximize the internet speed of the Android smartphone.


To boost WiFi speed on Android, we will follow multiple methods, such as “updating Android software”, “utilizing the 5Gz frequency” and “purchasing a new router”. Updating Android software will fix the software-related issue and also add some new features to make the device compatible with apps. The 5GHz frequency will provide a faster speed in short range than the 2.4 GHz frequency. The new Android phone supports WiFI 6 technology that was introduced in 2019, so if our WiFi is older than 3 years then we have to upgrade the router for the fast internet. This guide has wrapped up the suitable methods to increase the WiFi speed on the Android smartphone.

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