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Can Smartwatches Make Phone Calls?

Smartwatches are wearable watches in the form of computers and mobile phones. These smartwatches provide touchscreen displays, apps, and the feature of sending/receiving calls or messages. These smartwatches can be connected to smartphones through Bluetooth or Wifi; some smartwatch has cellular functionality, and they are also known as watch phone.

This article will explain all the details of “can smartwatches make phone calls”.

Can Smartwatches Make Phone Calls?

Making a phone call on smartwatches is only possible when they support cellular or LTE network connectivity. Smartwatches using SIM cards have almost the same features as smartphones. These smartwatches can perform multiple tasks, such as sending/receiving calls, text messages, or informing about app notifications. “mini sim cards” and “nano sim cards” are the two types of Sim cards which are available for smartwatches. The latest smartwatches use virtual SIM cards, which means it is a cloud-based mobile number and there is no need for a physical SIM card. 

What to Check Before Buying a Smartwatch?

Before selecting/purchasing any smartwatch:

  • Check if the smartwatch is compatible with your phone.
  • Check the rated battery life of the smartwatches.
  • Check the strap and clasp of the smartwatch; ensure they are “comfortable” and easy to “wear”.
  • Check the watch’s LTE technology if it is providing good-quality calls; In other words, test out the mic and speaker/sound system.

Can Smartwatches Have their Own Phone Number?

Yes, most smartwatches have their own phone number. People can see our smartwatch number when we make a phone call or send text messages through the smartwatch. 

Top 2 Smartwatches regarding make/receive Phone Calls

Many smartwatches make/receive phone calls; but still, there are two best watches that provide good quality and features are stated below:

1. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is a great brand that makes high-quality phone calls and provides extra features in its smartwatches.

Some great features of the Apple series 8 smartwatch are given below:

  • Temperature sensing is a great feature of this smartwatch that measures the temperature of the body after every 5 seconds while we are sleeping.
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 also provides advanced health features like “ECG“ and “Blood oxygen level”.
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 provides a crash detection feature that automatically connects us to emergency services in case of a severe car accident.

How Can I Make a Phone Call From Apple Watch Series 8?

Follow the below steps to make a phone in the Apple Watch series 8:

  • First, navigate to the phone app on the Apple watch.
  • Then, simply select the number from the contact or dial the number in the Keypad.
  • Finally, tap on the “Call” icon at the end of the right corner of the smartwatch screen.

These steps will make a phone call through the smartphone.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung makes good smartwatches with elegant designs and also provides some great features in its smartwatches.

Some great features of the “Samsung Galaxy Watch 5” are described in the steps below:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 provides sleep-tracking features that plan our bedtime and detect snoring.
  • The BioActive sensor of the Samsung Watches provides health sensors like an “ECG (Electrical Heart sensor) and an “HR” (Optical Heart Rate sensor).
  • This Samsung smartwatch provides 90 exercises and the feature of counting the steps/calories of the body.

How Can I Make a Phone Call on Samsung Watch 5

To dial the call from the Samsung Watch 5, follow the below-given steps:

  • First, open the phone app on the smartwatch.
  • Then, select the number from the contact or dial the number in the keypad.
  • Finally, hit the green phone icon at the end of the right corner of the screen.

These steps will make a phone call on the Samsung Watch 5 smartwatches.

We have covered all the details of how smart are smartwatches and how smartwatches make phone calls”.


Smartwatches make phone calls with built-in cellular and LTE network connectivity. Micro or nano sim cards are utilized in the smartwatches; the latest smartwatches are now providing the feature of virtual SIM card (e-SIM) for connectivity purposes. Check the specifications of the smartwatches before buying because smartwatches only connect to limited devices. In this post, we have learned how smartwatches are helpful in making phone calls.

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