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What Does Care code: 205.2 [lu003] Mean? How to Fix it?

AT&T is an “American Telecommunications Multinational firm” that provides media, telecommunication, and technology services. AT&T also provides a webmail account to their user which is powered by Yahoo. The 205.2 [lu003] error occurs when the wrong credentials are utilized to log in to the AT&T webmail account.  

This write-up will elaborate on the details of code 205.2 [lu003] and possible methods to get rid of this error.

What Does Care code: 205.2 [lu003] Mean?

The 205.2 [lu003] is the error code that is caused when we try to log in to the AT&T email account by attempting the wrong user ID/password too many times; doing so lock the account for security purposes. This error code can also occur when someone tries to get into our webmail account using some sort of unethical ways. The efficient and secure step to encounter this error is to change the password of the webmail account and then try to log in again after 24 hours.

Yahoo is the email service provider of AT&T webmail. To sign in to the AT&T webmail account, click/tap on this link.

How to Solve error code: 205.2 [lu003]?

There are different methods to fix this 205.2 [lu003] code error and they are stated below:

  • Change the password of the account
  • Clear the browser cookies & other data
  • Reset the browser
  • Switch to another browser

Let’s get started with method one!

Method 1. Change the Password of the Account

As described above, the main cause that leads to this error is attempting the wrong credentials of the account either by us or attacker. Changing the password of the account is the most efficient and appropriate solution for rectifying this error.

Method 2. Clear the Browser Cookies & Other Data

Sometimes, clearing the browser data along with the cookies fix the problem immediately. To clear the browser’s data & cookies, follow the steps stated below:

  • First, click on the three-dot located in the right top corner of the system screen and then click on the “Settings” option that will open the chrome settings:
  • Then, click on the “Privacy and Security” option, this will open up the privacy & security menu on the screen:
  • After that, click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option:
  • Finally, set the time range to “All Time”, after that, select the “cookies and cache” option and then click/tap on the “Clear Data” option:

These steps will reset the data of the browser and it might resolve the error.

Method 3. Reset the Browser

The random bugs and glitches in the browser can also cause this code error. To reset the browser, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, open the chrome settings on the device.
  • Next, simply select the “Reset and Clean” from menu:
  • After that, tap/select “Restore settings to their original defaults”:
  • Finally, confirm this by hitting on “Reset Settings” button:

These steps will reset the browser and might resolve the code 205.2 [lu003] issue.

Method 4. Switch to Another Browser

Try switching to other browsers because sometimes, switching helps in getting rid of this error. If you are using the Firefox browser, try to switch to chrome, opera, or edge. This process might resolve the code error issue.

We have explained all the details of the code error 205.2 [lu003] and solutions to get rid of this code error.


The code error 205.2 [lu003] occurs when we are trying to attempt the wrong credentials too many times for the AT&T webmail account login; due to this, the account gets locked for security reasons. There are multiple methods that will resolve this code error, such as resetting the browser, changing the account password, and resetting the data/cookies of the browser. In this blog, we have learned about code error 205.2 [lu003] and the appropriate methods to get rid of this error.

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