Xbox One Error Code 0x87de2712

To solve Xbox One error code 0x87de2712, the solutions we apply are “enabling offline mode”, “checking server status”, and “removing alternate Mac address”.

How to Fix Playstation 4 Error CE-35694-7?

To fix PlayStation 4 error CE-35694-7, consider “upgrading the PS4 hard drive”, “deleting the unnecessary app and game”, and “initialize the PS4”.

How to Connect Epic Games Account to Xbox

To connect the Epic Games account to Xbox, go to the Epic website and hit the profile name. Select “Accounts” and then choose Apps & Accounts. Select “Connect”.

Xbox 360 Controller Not Turning ON

To fix Xbox 360 not turning on the issue, “change the AA batteries”, “remove the corrosion from the battery contacts”, and “contact Microsoft customer support”.

How to Clean Xbox One

To clean Xbox One, unplug all the cables and unassemble them. Clean the console with a micro soft cloth and compressed air. Re-assemble the console.

How to Fix Scratched Xbox 360 Disc Perfect Circle

To fix a scratched Xbox 360 disc perfect circle, we can utilize "toothpaste”, “lip balm”, “60W bulb”, or “scratch repair tool”.

How do I Connect Xbox Account to Microsoft Account

To connect Xbox account to your Microsoft account, go to the profile & system and hit the add & switch option. Select “add new” and enter your email/password

How to Unhide Games on Xbox One

To unhide the game on xbox one, open the guide menu and select the My Games and Apps tab. Hit See All and select the All owned games tab. Hit the Hidden option.

Can We Run the Xbox One Games on Xbox S

Open the console settings and select “My Games and Apps”. After that, select “Show All” and select the “Complete Library” option. Select the “All Owned Game”.

How to Use USB Headset on Xbox One

We can utilize the USB headsets on Xbox One by two methods, “Connecting Compatible USB Headset on Xbox One” and “Connecting Compatible Headset on Xbox One”.

How to Make Xbox Controller Vibrate Continuously

To make Xbox controller vibrate continuously, consider “enabling the vibration feature from the console settings” and “utilizing the third-party app”.

How to Airplay to Xbox

To Airplay to Xbox, install the AirServer app on both devices Xbox and iPhone. Scan the QR code on the iPhone device and select the Xbox from the Airplay list.

What is PS3 error code 80710102 and how do you fix it?

The solutions to resolve this error code 80710102 are disabling the UPnP from router settings and changing the DNS settings of the console.

How to Upload Pictures to Xbox One From a Phone

To upload pictures on Xbox One from the phone, the methods are uploading via OneDrive and Xbox app. Moreover, Google Drive can also be used to upload pictures.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook

To connect wirelessly, turn on the Bluetooth and hold the pair button until it starts blinking, to connect via cable, connect both devices to the USB cable.

Do Xbox Series X Controllers Work on Xbox One?

Yes, the Xbox series X controller will work on Xbox One and is fully compatible with the older Xbox gaming consoles, such as Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

How to Find an Xbox One IP address Without a TV?

Connect the console to the router with an ethernet cable. Install the Advanced Scanner tool and click on Scan. Find the Xbox in the list of connected devices.

How to Enable Our PS5 as Console Sharing & Offline?

To enable the Console Sharing & Offline, select the User and account from settings, click on the other tab and enable the console sharing & offline play feature.

How to Fix Playstation Error WC-36547-5?

To fix the error WC-36547-5, the solutions are, checking the card registered information and updating the card information using a web browser.

How to Test Mic on Xbox One

To test a mic on Xbox One, in the settings menu, select the Preferences tab and click on the Device and Accessories tab. Select the “Test microphone” option.