How to Find IP Address on Windows, Mac, and Phones?

We can find IP address on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone using GUI and CLI methods. This guide explains all these methods step-by-step.

How to Delete or Uninstall Apps on Android, iPhone, Macbook, Windows?

To delete or uninstall apps in Windows, Android, iPhone, and MacBook, type the app name on the Start menu in Windows and click the “Uninstall” option.

Apple Neural Engine – Everything You Need to Know

If you are using the latest iPhone or MacBook then you are having a...

3 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Bookmarks Disappeared

To fix the “bookmarks disappeared” problem, enable the “Bookmarks option”, recover the bookmarks from the Chrome folder, or import the Bookmarks’ HTML file.

Adaware Alternatives For Mac

The seven best alternate software of Adaware are Bitdefender, Norton, Webroot, Avast, Clario, Total Defence, and McAfee. Wanna learn why?

What Is Photoanalysisd? and Why Is It Using CPU excessively?

The photoanalysisd is the system process that recognizes the objects and faces in the photo library of the Macbook. It uses (50% to 80%) of the CPU.