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How to Change the Voice in Google Translate?

Google Translate is popular among one’s who want to improve their pronunciation as well as understand any language. Google Translate is developed by “Google” and is available on both Web and mobile devices. It is an easy tool for communication in any language and can translate text, webs, and documents from one language to another language respectively.

This post will demonstrate how we can change Google Translator voice easily.

Can I Change Google Translator Voice?

Unfortunately, Google Translator has a female voice by default and we cannot change it, so, the answer is simply “No”. There are some languages like Italian which have the male voice by default, however, you cannot change that either. So, this case is applicable for both male and female voices when it comes to changing in “Google Translator voice”, due to the non-availability of an option.

Can the Accent in Google Translator be Changed?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is also “No”, it is obvious if you cannot change the voice in Google Translator, you cannot change the accent either. There is not much diversity in Google Translator accents available, unlike Siri.

However, within the Android version of Google Translator, we can easily change the gender voice and accent. In our smartphone, “Google Assistant” gives you multiple options to choose accents as well as the male or female voice for any language.

Why Doesn’t Google Provide Voice Changing Option?

There is no specific reason why Google does not offer us such options for changing voice in Google Translator. However, we can assume the reason might be due to the various utilization of modules. Obviously! These modules have to be utilized in the program per language, so, the recording of one language for both male and female voices will take a lot of time. So, it also makes a little sense from a financial aspect which would be a bit difficult to manage. Therefore, Google provides a translation of any language either in male or female voice.

Which Language in Google Has a Male Voice?

There are some specific languages in Google Translator which have a male voice by default. These languages are “Italian”, “Bengali”, “Chinese”, “Australian English”, “Danish” and “Dutch”. 

In order to use Google Translator on the web page, simply search on Google and enter any text or phrase you want to translate, then click on the speaker icon to hear the translation.

How to Change Google Translation Voice on Smartphones?

As it is previously mentioned, we can change the Google Translate voice on our smartphone. First of all, open up mobile “Settings”. Next, find “Language & Input” and tap on it. Now, go to “Google-text-to-speech-engine” and install voice data by choosing male or female voice in the given options.

We have covered a detailed topic on whether it is possible to change Google translation voice or not.


Google Translate was developed by “Google” to improve pronunciation as well as an understanding of any language. We can change the “Google Translate” voice on our smartphones. For that, open up mobile “settings”, We will see “Language & Input” so tap on it. Now, go to “Google-text-to-speech-engine” and install voice data by choosing male or female voice in the given options. In this write-up, we have learned in detail how we can change Google translator voice easily.

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