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What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum TV

Wondering “What channel is MeTV on Spectrum” for refreshing the 20th-century memories in your mind. MeTV is a fantastic broadcaster in America of classic series which are majorly focused on the era of 1930 to 1990.

This article will cover what Spectrum channel we can locate the MeTV.


Spectrum Basic package contains MeTV but not for each territory of the United States. By activating the basic plan, you can easily navigate to the target channel of Spectrum which has MeTV to enjoy its streamings.

In some areas, MeTV can only be accessed in standard definition (SD), while mostly it is also available in high-definition (HD).

Before subscribing to the Spectrum Basic package, ensure the availability of MeTV in your region by using the next section.

What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum

The first step is to know about the availability of “MeTV on Spectrum”, for that, there are two methods which can be used:

  • Using MeTV Channel Finder
  • Using Zap2it Platform

Let’s walk through each method one by one!

Method 1: Using MeTV Channel Finder to Confirm its Availability in Your Area

MeTV provides the feature of locating its channel for a specific provider on its official platform. You can follow the given instructions to explore MeTV on Spectrum for your area.

Step 1: Open MeTV Platform

Go to MeTV platform by using this link to access their “Where to watch” page which is also called as MeTV channel finder. Simply enter your area zip code and hit the forward arrowhead (>) button. 

MeTV on Spectrum 1

Step 2: Find Spectrum

This will make a list appear on the screen, simply explore the Spectrum from it and note the channel on which MeTV is available.

MeTV on Spectrum 2

Note: If Spectrum is not displayed in the list then it means the MeTV broadcastings are unable to serve your area.

Step 3: Check the Box for MeTV Schedule

Click the box before the area and your provider name to have a “See Schedule” button. Click on this will allow you to get the timings of MeTV shows according to your area.

MeTV on Spectrum 3

Method 2: Using Zap2it to Verify MeTV Availability in Your Region

Zap2it provides the tv listings across Canada and United States for different cable providers, including Spectrum. To know if MeTV can be found within your area or not by using zap2it, follow the provided steps.

Step 1: Choose Spectrum As Your Provider

On zap2it, you need to press the “Change Provider” button because DirecTV is selected by default.

Step 2: Enter Zip Code and Click on Spectrum

A pop up window will be shown on the screen with a field, button and some options. Fill the field with the zip code, press the button containing text “Find Providers”, and choose Charter Spectrum.

Step 3: Locate MeTV From Other Channels

Either scroll down and explore MeTV manually from the list or click the Find Channels button to directly search MeTV including all of its variants.

MeTV on Spectrum

MeTV on Spectrum in Different US States/Cities

On Spectrum, MeTV is available for most of the regions and they are mentioned below. 

StateCityMeTV Channels (Spectrum)
CaliforniaLos Angeles27, 1237
Anaheim27, 1237
San Diego1233
Long Beach23, 723
Big Bear Lake/Victorville23
North CarolinaDurham1250
New YorkAlbany1245
New York1239, 33
Buffalo5, 1230
Waverly, OH240, 840
TexasSan Antonio81, 1240
Corpus Christi1240
Dallas692, 217
KentuckyMorganfield Sturgis/Uniontown301
MissouriKansas City1240
MichiganOscoda, MI192

To have a complete overview of MeTV channels specifically for those areas that are not mentioned, follow the above-explained methods.


To watch MeTV on Spectrum, go to “MeTV Where to Watch” page and enter your area code to find the channel concerning your region. If Spectrum does not appear in the list, it means MeTV is not available in your region. Alternatively, you can also utilize the “Zap2it” platform, a source which provides channel listing of different cable operators.

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