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What Channel is TNT on Spectrum TV

Wondering “What Channel is TNT on Spectrum” when you want to watch some classic series, exciting movies, or sports? Stay relaxed as this article will explain where you can find the TNT channel on Spectrum TV by using the following outline:


A Spectrum user needs TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, or Mi Plan Latino package activated to have access to TNT broadcastings.

Tnt on Spectrum packages

If you only have a sports package or any other plan which does not include TNT, you can utilize the Spectrum custom add-on service to get the targeted channel.

However, it is necessary to know if TNT is available in your area before acquiring any dedicated service or package of Spectrum. To do so, call Spectrum support 24/7 at 833.949.0036 or check the next section.

What Channel is TNT on Spectrum TV

TNT on Spectrum varies from channel to channel respectively to the areas. Inconsistency in channels is common for Spectrum cable networks due to its nature and working model.

You can explore the TNT channel on Spectrum according to your area by following the below table.

RegionsSpectrum TNT Channel
San Antonio27
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown23
Madison Area32
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties33, 1237
Long Beach52, 752
Charlotte26, 103
Columbus12, 112, 925
Montgomery22, 781
Anaheim64, 103
Milwaukee33, 203
El Paso40, 103
Kansas City32
Lexington25, 112, 925
Buffalo3, 103
Dallas77, 792
New York3, 103
Port Clinton45
Los Angeles42, 103
Birmingham30, 136
Reno55, 776
Durham26, 103
Albany3, 103
Corpus Christi30, 103
Cleveland61, 203
Cincinnati51, 203
Austin67, 103
Oscoda, MI73
Big Bear Lake/Victorville52

In San Diego, TNT is accessible on 27 or 103, and in Raleigh, navigate to channel 26 or 103. Louisville residents with Spectrum services need to go to channels 43, 112, or 925 according to the Spectrum channel lineup.

Alternate Way to Locate TNT Channel on Spectrum

To check the availability of the TNT in your region when having Spectrum services, you can follow the given steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to Zap2it Website

Open the Zap2it website by using the address through your browser.

Step 2: Change Your Provider to Spectrum

Now, click the button Change Provider to choose your provider which is Spectrum after entering the area zip code.

tnt zap2it

Such as we have entered 90002 in the zip code field because of the California region. Now from the appeared list, we will press on Charter Spectrum – Digital (Hollywood).

Tnt on Spectrum zap2it provider

Note: To get the accurate zip codes respectively to your area, you can use the Google search engine.

Step 3: Search for TNT from List

The next step is to explore the TNT channel from the provided exhaustive list on zap2it platform. Simply use the Find Channels button as shown below in the screenshot to make a search for TNT quickly.

Tnt on Spectrum zap2it tvlisitng

Once the Find Channels button is clicked, write TNT in the search box and all the relevant results will be displayed.

Tnt on Spectrum zap2it

Here, it indicates that we need to go to channel 42 or 103 if we are located in the California (anywhere within Hollywood) area.

How to Get TNT Streamings Schedule

To stream either Supernatural or any other amazing show, you need to turn your television ON at the right time. This is why having access to the TNT schedule is somehow necessary.

To have the hands-on TNT schedule, you can always visit within any browser using a device which has an internet connection.

Some TNT popular shows can have on Spectrum are:

  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • NHL Pre-Game on TNT
  • NHL Post-Game on TNT
  • NBA on TNT
  • Charmed
  • The Match Pre-Game
  • Cold Case
  • The Closer

How to Watch TNT Anywhere by Having Spectrum Account

To watch TNT by only having access to a Spectrum account, click here as it will redirect you to Spectrum’s official platform for Live TV streamings. 

Spectrum users will be asked to log in by providing credentials. Once logged in, you will have access to the broadcastings of the TNT channel from any part of the country.

Tnt on Spectrum login

That’s all from what channel is TNT on Spectrum.


To know about TNT channel on Spectrum, go to zap2it platform, set your provider as Spectrum with your area zip code, and find the TNT channels from the displayed list. Ensure activating any of the regular packages of Spectrum before getting on the channel that contains TNT. This post has described in detail what channel is TNT on Spectrum.

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