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How to Create Spotify Pie Chart on iPhone or Android

If all your Spotify listenings are analyzed by themselves and converted into an amazing pie chart to track fluctuations in patterns of your liking. Moreover, when having a Spotify pie chart, sharing it on social media is fun.

This article will explain the procedure of creating a Spotify pie chart using an iPhone or Android device.

How to Create Spotify Pie Chart on iPhone or Android

To create a Spotify pie chart, follow the steps mentioned in the below section.

Step 1: Access HuangDarren’s Website

Go to the Spotify pie chart creator platform and click the “Login with Spotify” button.

Step 2: Login and Provide Permissions

Enter the credentials of Spotify account and tap on the “Agree” button to give it the necessary permissions.

Step 3: Click See Your Spotify Pie

Initially, it will take up to 5 seconds to show you a button from which you can generate a pie chart of Spotify listenings. Now, tap on the “See Your Spotify Pie” to proceed to the next screen.

Step 4: Choose a Graph Type

Under the “Your Spotify Pie” section, four options will be displayed– make sure you are on Spotify Pie to generate the graph of Pie shape.

What are the Other Types of Spotify Pie Charts

Four types of pie charts can be generated with this tool and they are:

  • Spotify Pie

A simple pie-shaped graph is sorted by percentage and has different colors to represent songs.

  • Spotify Bubble

A graph contains artists of songs in bubbles which could be bigger or smaller depending on your Spotify history. It is a great way to see which songs you listen to most often and which are your favorite artists. Bubbles always keep moving within the allocated area, so you need to click to make them stop.

  • Spotify ReceiptPie

This makes your previous month’s Spotify data shown in the form of a receipt as shown below:

  • Spotify Stats

In the Spotify Stats option, you can check your top tracks, top artists, or top genres from the all-time, six months, and previous four weeks.

How to Create a Classic Spotify Pie

To create a classic style pie using Spotify history, tap on the button “Classic Spotify Pie is here”.

Doing so will generate a graph in classic style as shown below. Click on the colors of the graph to check which songs fall in which category that you listen to most.

Is it Safe to Use Spotify Pie Chart Third-party Tools?

Using official platforms is always preferable, however, third-party tools extend the functionality and add some more features to official ones. 

So, it is recommended to not share any passwords or personal information with them and to read their privacy policy and terms of use of what they keep or use from your information. 

Moreover, logging in with such tools allows double-checking which permissions need to be granted to them or which to avoid. It is a great practice to change your passwords often after getting started with such third-party tools.


To create a pie chart of your Spotify listenings, navigate to “huangdarren1106.github.io” and log in with your Spotify account. Give consent over accessing account essential permissions and it will generate a graph in Pie form. Other types of graphs can also be generated, such as bubbles or receipt pie. This blog has shown how you can easily get the graph in the pie shape of your Spotify listening. 

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