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How to Cut a Video on iPhone?

Cutting or trimming a video is a common task in editing that shortens its length by removing the content from its beginning as well as ending. The user needs to perform this task to get the viewer’s attention, excluding unnecessary content, saving only important clips, and many other reasons. This is because people like short videos that are user engaging, and exclusively contain important content. Like Android devices, this task can be easily performed on iPhones.

This post will discuss all possible approaches to cutting a video on an iPhone.

How to Cut a Video on iPhone?

To cut a video on an iPhone the user can follow the below-stated methods:

  1. Method 1: Cut a Video on an iPhone Using the Built-In “Photos” App
  2. Method 2: Cut a Video on an iPhone Using Third-Party Apps

Let’s first start with the built-in “Photos” app.

Method 1: Cut a Video on iPhone Using Built-In Photos App

The built-in “Photos” app of the iPhone is the most common and simplest way to edit a video. It offers a built-in editor that can edit all the available videos in different ways such as cutting/trimming, adjusting brightness and sharpness, cropping, and applying filters.

This section accesses this editor from the “Photos” app to cut a specific video by following the given steps of instructions.

Step 1: Open the Photos App

First, open the “Photos” application from the iPhone “App Library”, or through its “Menu”. In this scenario, it is opened from the “App Library”:

Step 2: Choose the Video

Next, choose a specific video from the available albums to cut it. Most of the videos are present in the default “Videos” album. However, the user can select it from any other album:

Step 3: Cut the Video

Now click on the targeted video to open it in full screen. When it is opened, hit the “Edit” option at the top right corner of the iPhone screen to edit it:

Clicking on the “Edit” option opens the editing screen. This screen shows the starting and ending points of the selected video:

Drag the slider from the left side from where the user wants to start cutting the video, and next from the right slide to select the specific point where the user wants to stop the cutting process:

Step 4: Save the Changes

Once all are done, click on the “Done” option to save the trimmed video clip. This option pops up a small menu containing “Save Video as New Clip(saves both the original and trimmed video)” and “Save Video(saves only the trimmed video)” options:

Choose any option from the above-highlighted menu according to the requirements. In this scenario, the “Save Video as New Clip” option is picked to save both the original and trimmed video:

Step 5: Confirmation

It can be analysed that after selecting the saving option the trimmed video will be automatically saved inside the same folder as the original video:

Method 2: Cut a Video on iPhone Using Third-Party Applications

The iPhone “App Store” offers a wide range of free third-party editing applications to cut a video. These applications include “Video Editor”, “Splice”, “VITA – Video Editor & Maker”, “iMovie”, “Record it!::Screen Recorder(Only for screen recording and its editing)”, “Videorama Text & Video Editor”, and much more.

This section covers the practical implementation of “Splice”, “iMovie”, and the “Record it!:: Screen Recorder” applications to cut a video.

Let’s first start with the “Splice” application.

Application 1: Cut a Video Using the “Splice” Video Editor App

Splice the video editor app allows users to create fully customized professional-looking videos on iPhone or iPad. Moreover, it also helps to edit the existing videos available in the iPhone’s local storage in a way of trimming, cutting, text editing, and combining them.

Here, it is utilized to cut an existing video in a few seconds.

Step 1: Install the “Splice” Video Editor App

First, install the “Splice” video editor app from the iPhone “App Store” application, and for macOS, the user can install it through the “App Store ”:

The installation of the “Splice” video editor app will take a few seconds to complete.

Step 2: Open the “Splice” Video Editor App

Once the installation of “Splice” is completed, launch it through the iPhone “App Library” or the home “Menu”:

Step 3: Select the Targeted Video

When the “Splice” video editor app is opened click on the “+” icon to start a new project:

Next, select the targeted video from the “Photos” or different “Albums”:

After selection, click on the “Done” option:

The selected video will navigate to the new window that contains all the selected videos. For instance, only one video is selected. Hit the “Next” button to continue the editing process:

The last and final window allows the users to select the “Transitions” and “Aspect ratio” for the selected photos or videos. By default, the “Transition” is set to “None” and the “Aspect ratio” is “TikTok”. Tap on the “Create” option to continue with the default values:

Step 4: Cut a Video

After the section of the targeted video the editing screen of “Splice” will open. Hold and drag the “slider” from the beginning as well as the end to select a specific clip of the selected video that the user wants to cut:

Once the desired clip is selected, click on the “Trim” option at the bottom left corner to cut it. When this process is done, tap on the “Export” option at the top right corner of the editing screen to export it:

Step 5: Save the Trimmed Video

Clicking on the “Export” option navigates to a new window. From this window set the resolution of the trimmed video in which it will export and finally hit the “Export” button:

The exporting process will take a few seconds:

Once the above process is completed the trimmed video will be automatically saved to your “Photos”:

Application 2: Cut a Video Using the iMovie App

Another third-party video editor is the “iMovie” application. Its common features are enhancing or modifying video colour, adjusting video resolution, adding video transitions, rotating, and cropping video, as well as changing the video speed. This section uses it to cut a specific video by following the given steps of instructions.

Step 1: Install the “iMovie” App

Same as “Splice”, install the “iMovie” through the iPhone “App Store” application, and for macOS install it through “App Store ” official website:

The installation process will be completed in a few seconds.

Step 2: Open iMovie App

Once the “iMovie” app is installed, open it using the “open” button placed along with it that comes after completing its installation or from the iPhone “App Library”:

The “iMovie” app contains the following interface, click on the “Start New Project” option to create a new project:

Step 3: Choose a Video

The “Start New Project” option navigates to the selection window. Click on the “Media” option from the opened window that leads to the folder structure of the different media types. Open the “Video” folder from it and pick a specific video:

Step 4: Cut the Selected Video

Now, move the “slider” from left to right and then right to left to select the part of the video that needs to be cut:

Once done, hit the highlighted “selection circle” icon to cut it:

Pressing the above-highlighted tick icon opens a new screen. Click on the “Done” option at the top left corner of the opened screen:

Step 5: Export the Trimmed Video

Finally, hit the “Export and Share” icon at the bottom of the screen to export the trimmed video to iPhone local storage and many other social media platforms:

The “Export and Share” icon pops a menu that contains the “Share Video” and “Export Project” options. For this scenario, choose the second “Export Project” option:

From the “Export Project” window click on the “Save Video” option to save the trimmed video:

The saving process will start by copying the trimmed video to the iPhone “Photo” library:

Finally, the successful message will pop up that ensures the specified movie has been exported to the “Photo” library. Click on the “OK” button to finish the entire process:

Application 3: Cut a Video Using the Screen Recorder App

Apart from the videos, the user can also cut the screen recordings with the third-party “Record it!::Screen Recorder” tool. Although the iPhone has a built-in screen recording tool that captures the screen recordings, but it does not allow the users to edit them. That is why the user needs to edit it through the “Photos” app.

On the other hand, the “Record it!” is a very handy software application for iPhone that captures the screen recording and edits them in a few seconds via its built-in editor. The below-stated steps of instructions show its practical implementation.

Step 1: Install the Screen Recorder App

Like the above third-party applications, first, install the “Screen Recorder” application using the iPhone “App Store”. To perform this operation on macOS, follow the provided link “App Store ”:

The installation of the “Screen Recorder” app will be completed in a few seconds.

Step 2: Open Screen Recorder

Once the installation is completed, open the “Screen Recorder” app from the iPhone “App Library” or through its home “Menu”:

Step 3: Start Screen Recording

When the application is opened, tap on the highlighted icon to start the screen recording with audio:

The starting icon pops up a small “Screen Recording” menu and a “Microphone” icon at the centre of the screen. By default, the “Microphone” is “on” that records the screen recording video with audio. Click on the “Start Recording” option:

After clicking the “Start Recording” option, the three-second countdown will start:

When the three seconds countdown is finished the screen recording will be started with audio and the “Screen Recording” icon colour will be turned to “red”:

Step 4: Stop Screen Recording

The red “status bar” at the top of the screen shows that the “Screen Recorder” is on. When the screen recording is done, click on the red “Stop Broadcast” option from the menu to stop it:

Step 5: Cut Screen Recording Video

Upon completing the screen recording video, it will open in the “Screen Recorder” new screen that contains a small menu at its bottom. From this menu click on the “Video Editor” option:

The “Video Editor” option leads to the editing screen that contains multiple editing options at its bottom. Click on the “Trim” option at the bottom left corner of the editing screen:

Hold and drag the “slider” to cut a specific clip from this screen recording video and then hit the “tick” icon:

The trimmed video clip is now again open on the editing screen, Click on the “Save” option at the top right corner of the screen to save it:

The “save” button will save it to the “Screen Recorder” application storage, not the iPhone’s local storage. If the user wants to save it in iPhone local storage, then export it.

Step 6: Export Trimmed Video

To export the trimmed video clip in iPhone local storage, tap on the desired screen recording video:

The selection of the screen recording video opens the “Share Recording” window. Select the location where you want to export this video. In this scenario “Camera Roll” is selected:

Once all is done, a confirmation message will pop up that shows the specified video has been saved to the iPhone “Videos” folder:

That is all about cutting a video on the iPhone.


To cut a video on an iPhone the easiest method is to use its “Photos” app that contains the built-in editor. This editor allows the users to cut/trim a video, apply filters to it, adjust its brightness, and crop it depending on the requirements. Moreover, this functionality can also be achieved with the help of “third-party” applications offered by the iPhone “App Store”. These applications are free, easy to install, and used to cut or trim a video. This post practically illustrated all approaches to cutting a video on an iPhone.

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