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Disable ‘Upcoming Alarm’ Notification Without Cancelling the Alarm

The Clock is a pre-installed application on every smartphone developed by the manufacturer of the device. In the clock app, we can set an alarm, use the stopwatch, and timer. Sometimes, an upcoming alarm symbol appears on the status bar. This symbol indicates that the alarm will ring at the assigned time. Sometimes it might seem annoying or produce distractions for the users.

This blog will illustrate the different strategies to disable upcoming notifications without canceling the alarm.

Methods to Disable ‘Upcoming Alarm’ Notification Without Cancelling the Alarm

To disable upcoming alarm notifications without canceling the alarm, mentioned methods will be followed:

  1. Disable using Default Clock Application
  2. Disable using Third-Party Applications

Method 1: Disable Upcoming Alarm Notification Using the Default Clock App

We will disable the alarm symbols/notifications from the status bar using the given steps.

Step 1: Launch the Clock App

First, tap on the “Clock” app from the launcher of the Android smartphone.

Disable 'Upcoming Alarm' Notification

Step 2: Open Settings

Case 1: Tap on the “Settings” icon at the top right corner of the device screen. 

Case 2: Settings can be opened by hitting the “Ellipse” icon and then choosing the “Settings” option:

Disable 'Upcoming Alarm' Notification  1

Step 3: Disable the “Upcoming Alarm” Notifications

Now, toggle off the switch of the “Upcoming Alarm” notification from the settings menu:

Disable 'Upcoming Alarm' Notification 2

Method 2: Disable Upcoming Alarm Notification Using Third-Party Application 

In some Android smartphones, if we cannot find the “Upcoming Alarm” notification option then we need to install a third-party clock app. There are a variety of clock applications available on the Play Store that we can use on our devices. It is suggested to download the “Alarm Clock Xtreme” because it allows us to disable the “Upcoming Alarm” notifications. The following steps must be followed for this operation:

Step 1: Download the Third-Party

First, install the “Alarm Clock Xtreme” application through this link on the smartphone.

Step 2: Open the App Settings

Now, launch the “Alarm Clock Xtreme”, hit the “three horizontal lines” icon, and choose the “Settings” option:

Disable 'Upcoming Alarm' Notification 3

Step 3: Turn Off the Upcoming Alarm Notification

Next, choose the “Notifications” tab and then toggle the “Upcoming alarm” button to disable it.

Disable 'Upcoming Alarm' Notification 4

After that, we do not receive the notification of upcoming alarms on the Android smartphone.


To disable the “Upcoming Alarm” notification without canceling the alarm, use Android pre-installed “Clock” application or “Third-party tools” from Play Store. To disable upcoming alarm messages from the clock app settings, first, launch the app and then hit the “Settings” icon. After that, toggle the switch of the “Upcoming Alarm” button to turn it off. The third-party app that we utilize is the “Alarm Clock Xtreme” app, to disable the upcoming alarms on the third-party app, simply, hit the “three horizontal lines” and then choose the “Settings” option. Next, select the “Notification” option and then disable the “Upcoming alarm” option. This post has explained the suitable strategy to disable the “Upcoming Alarm” message without canceling the alarm.

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