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Exploring Android’s ‘Drawing Over Other Apps’ Feature

Android smartphones are becoming more advanced day by day by adding some amazing features in them, such as “Drawing Over Other Apps” and “Privacy Dashboard”.  The Drawing Over Other Apps feature runs in the background of the Android phone to perform different tasks.

This blog will elaborate on the details of the Drawing Over Other Apps feature on the Android device.

Understanding ‘Drawing Over Other Apps’ Feature on Android: What Does it Mean?

The Display Over Other Apps is a feature or permission on the Android phone that will allow us to utilize multiple apps at the same time, e.g, we can use the screen recorder app to record the content of other applications or we can use the different apps to add the filter on the device screen. 

Drawing Over Other Apps Feature Is Safe Or Not

This permission will allow us to display one app to another at the same time, so the display over another app will track all the activities that we are doing on the other. It is recommended to uninstall the applications from the Google Play Store which are not trustable and can misuse this permission to access the data and activities. 

How to Enable Drawing Over Other Apps on Android Phones

The steps to enable Display Over Other Apps will vary on the operating system and user interface. To enable this feature, instructions in the next section will be followed.

Step 1: Open Device Settings 

First, tap on the “Settings” icon on the home page of the Android smartphone. 

Step 2: Open Special App Access Tab

After that, select the “Apps & Notification” option and then choose the “Special App Access” option.

Step 3: Enable Display Over Other Application Feature

Now, hit “Display Over Other App” and select the app that we wanted to enable this permission. Next, toggle the switch to allow the permission as shown in the below image:

Step 4: Verification

After enabling this feature, the app can be displayed over any other app on the Android phone.

Limitations and Restrictions of Display Over Other App Features

There are some limitations and restrictions that should be followed to utilize the “Display Over Other Apps” feature on the Android smartphone. These limitations and restrictions are stated below:

  • The display over other apps feature is not available in all Android smartphones, so we can check its compatibility from the device specifications.
  • Some apps will not properly work on Android if they need the ‘Display Over Other Apps’ permission enabled.
  • There is a chance of “data leaks or malicious” activity because the display over another app can track every function that we perform on another app. So do not enter any password or important information while using this feature.
  • The banking apps do not allow this feature on Android smartphones due to “security and privacy reasons”.

We have compiled all the information related to displaying/drawing apps over other apps on Android smartphones.


The “Display Over Other Apps” is a feature that gives access to multiple applications at the same time on the Android smartphone, it is also known as “picture-in-picture” mode. This application is a bit unsafe because it can track all the operations that we do on the other app. We can enable this feature by heading to “Settings>Apps & Notifications> Special App Access> Display Over Other Apps” options. After that, select the “App” that we wanted to display and then enable its switch. This article has demonstrated all the important details of Drawing Over Other Apps on Android phones.

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