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How to Extend Your MetroPCS Service or Add Time to Your Plan

MetroPCS is a company that provides wireless service in the United States which is owned by T-Mobile. It is a prepaid wireless service and offers an affordable plan to its user. When a user does not pay the bill by the due date then the service will be discontinued. However, often a user is unable to pay MetroPCS bills due to some reasons, such as forgetfulness or financial difficulties.

This blog will demonstrate the methods to extend MetroPCS service.

Methods to Extend Your MetroPCS Service or Add Additional Time Span to Your Plan?

There are two ways to extend the MetroPCs service or to add an additional time limit to our plan. The two methods are “contacting customer service” or “visiting the nearest MetroPCS store”. These methods are briefly explained below:

Method 1: Via Contacting Customer Service

We can get the 48-hour extension on the MetroPCS service using the MetroPCS mobile app. The mobile app subscriber will get an extension when the account is suspended. So, it is very easy to get the extension; simply, wait until the subscription gets suspended and then contact MetroPCS customer care by using Metro’s mobile phone. 

Note: The 48 extension that we get can only be used for mobile calls and text messages, not for mobile data.

Method 2: Via Visiting the Nearest MetroPCS Store 

In this method, visit the MetroPCS store and communicate with the representative to get an extension on service. The extension of the service will depend on the specific situation and according to the company policy. Sometimes, we might have to provide personal information and documentation to get an extension on the MetroPCS service.

How to Avoid Having the Extension Service

We can avoid having the extension service with the assistance of different approaches:

  • Set up Autopay on the Device
  • Mark Date on Calendar
  • Bill Message Before Due Date

Approach 1: Set Up Autopay on the Device

Setting up auto-pay will allow MetroPCS to automatically charge the amount from our account by the selected payment method at the end of each month. By doing so we can pay without any hassle of keeping track of any upcoming payments.

Approach 2: Mark Date on Calendar

Another option to avoid the extension service of MetroPCS is to mark the date on the calendar. Simply, set the reminder on the due date of the bill payment. As a result, we will never miss the bill or get delayed in paying payments.

Approach 3: Bill Message Before Due Date

The MetroPCS will send a text message before the due date of the bill payment. We can use this as leverage and pay the bill on the spot. After the successful payment, we will also receive a message when we pay the MetroPCS bill. 

We have covered the suitable methods to extend MetroPCS service and approaches to avoid these extension services.


To extend MetroPCS Service or to add extra time to our plan, we will go through two methods, the first one is to contact a customer representative and the second one is to visit the nearest MetroPCS store. In the first method, we will wait until the service is suspended because MetroPCS provides 48 hour extension to mobile app subscribers and this option can be avail when the service is suspended. In the second method, we will visit the nearest MetroPCS store and ask their representative to give us an extension service. The extension of service depends on the situation and company policies.  If we are qualified then they will deliver us the extension service. This write-up has wrapped up all methods to extend MetroPCs service and different approaches for how to avoid them.

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