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FIX: Face ID Not Working: Move iPhone Lower/Higher

Face ID is the feature provided in iPhone devices that detect the face for unlocking and security purposes. This feature uses the device’s front camera that scans the face in order to unlock the device. This feature is released in iPhone X and above models in the month of November 2017.

In this tutorial, we will explain the details and solutions for the error “Face ID Not Working: Move iPhone Lower/Higher”.

Reason for the Face ID Not Working: Move iPhone Lower/Higher

The issue of face id not working, move iPhone lower/higher is first shown in 2017 iPhones, and most iPhone devices were fixed after the update in the iOS. This issue may not be common these days, however, some iPhone X-11 models are still facing this issue. This issue might occur because of problems in the software or hardware. 

Some common reasons which can cause the face id not to work are stated below:

  • If the problem is not related to the software, then the issue might be caused by the front-facing sensor.
  • If the screen of the iPhone is recently replaced, then the issue might occur to the pins that connect the earpiece to the motherboard of the phone. In that case, take the iPhone to the Apple store or any other store where the screen can be replaced/repaired. 
  • If iPhone’s iOS has an issue then it can cause the face id not to work properly.

How to Fix the Issue “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”?

To resolve the issue of “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”, we will follow the solutions which are mentioned below:

Let’s start with the solution one!

Solution 1. Restart the iPhone Device

Restarting the iPhone might resolve the issue of the Face ID not working, move the iPhone lower/higher and it is the quickest solution to resolve the problem. To restart the iPhone follow the below-stated steps:

  • For the iPhone X and above models: first, press and hold the volume up/down buttons along with the side power button until the power off slider arises on the screen.
  • Next, just hold the power off slider and take it to the right to turn the phone off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds then restart the phone by keeping the power button hold until the Apple logo arises.
  • After restarting the phone, give your Face ID a try.

These steps might resolve the problem; if the problem is not resolved try other mentioned solutions.

Solution 2. Reset All Settings of the iPhone

If the face is not recognized when unlocking the iPhone, try to reset all the settings. This solution will not result in loss of data. It only reset the iPhone to the default settings. To reset all the settings on your iPhone, follow the below-given steps:

  • First, unlock the iPhone device and navigate to “Settings”.
  • Then, tap on the “General” option.
  • Next, tap on the “Transfer or Reset” option.
  • At the end, press “Reset” and then “Reset All Settings” to reset iPhone.

These steps will reset the setting in the iPhone and might resolve the problem.

Solution 3. Check for Updates on the iPhone

To rectify this issue, consider checking for the updates on the iPhone, and if the updates are available then install the update. To check for the updates on the iPhone, follow the explained steps:

  • First, unlock the device and open “Settings”.
  • Next, tap on the “General” option.
  • Now, tap on the “Software Update” option, in case the update is available, install it.
  • Once the update is downloaded and installed on the device then try to check whether the Face ID is working or not.

These steps will update the iPhone to the latest version and might resolve the problem.

Solution 4. Repair iOS using some repairing tools

The “UltFone” is the ios repairing software that resolves the 150 plus system problems in the iPhone. Simply, install the software by clicking on this mentioned link. After downloading the software, follow the below-given steps to repair the iPhone,

  • After installing the UltFone, ensure the connection between the PC and the phone.
  • Then, click on “Start” button:

After selecting “Standard Repair”, It will detect the model of the iPhone automatically.

  • Next, click on the “Download option”. This will take a while in downloading the firmware for the detected iPhone model. The downloaded firmware package will be used to fix the iPhone without any data loss.
  • After downloading, start to repair by clicking on the “Start Standard Repair” option; iit will take several minutes to repair.
  • After repairing the software, the message “Standard repair completed” will appear on the screen of the system, and then click on the “Done” option.

These steps will repair the bugs in the iPhone and might resolve the problem without any data loss.

Solution 5. Factory Reset the iPhone 

Note: Before doing this solution make a backup copy of the data because it will delete all the data and information from the device.

Factory reset is the critical solution, if the above solutions are not helpful then try this one. To factory reset the iPhone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, unlock the iPhone device and open “Settings”.
  • Then hit on the “General” option, scroll a little bit and select the “Reset & Transfer” option.
  • Next, we only have to click on “Erase All Content & Settings” and then follow the wizard.

These steps will erase all the data and shortly, you will be directed to the initial setup screen.

How to Fix the Hardware Issue of Face ID Troubleshooting?

There are numerous methods to fix the hardware fault of the Face ID, we will follow the two most appropriate methods to resolve the hardware issues related to Face ID:

Let’s jump into the first method!

Method 1. Test the Ambient Light Sensor and Flood illuminator

The flood illuminator can be tested with the help of a proximity sensor and the proximity sensor is located on the center top of the iPhone right along with the camera. To test out the proximity sensor, dial a phone call first, and then cover out the entire top of the iPhone with your palm

If the screen light gets turned off then the proximity sensor is working fine else there is a problem with the proximity sensor. 

Now let’s move toward the ambient light sensor. To test the “Ambient light Sensor”:

  • First, enable the “Auto-Brightness” option.
  • Next, Set the brightness of the screen to the highest.
  • Then hold/keep the phone in a dark room.

If the screen brightness gets reduced automatically, then the ambient light sensor is working fine else there is an issue with your iPhone’s ambient light sensor. 

If both proximity and ambient light sensors are working fine, then there is nothing to do with these sensors.

Method 2. Test the Dot Projector and Front Camera

To test the dot projector, open the device camera and select portrait mode. The dot projector should emit a blinking red light on the screen. Observe carefully, if the dot projector does not emit the blinding red light, this means the dot projector is not working properly and this is why we are getting the message “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”. 

To test the front camera, open the front camera and select portrait mode. After that, face the camera and check if it blurs the background, if it does not blur the background, then the front camera is malfunctioning which is obviously the reason for the message “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/higher”.

We have covered all the details and solutions for the message “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”.


The issue of “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher” faced by iPhone users in 2017 iPhone models and updating the iPhone to the latest version often fixes the issue for most of the users. This issue is related to the hardware or software of the phone. We covered all the solutions that are related to software and hardware such as Flood illuminator, rebooting the device, and checking for updates. In this guide, we have explained all the details and solutions for the message “Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”.

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