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[Solved] Google Play Store “no results found” error

Google Play Store usually comes with strange bugs like when searching out any game or app and the error “no result is found” appears. Problems like these bugs can be very puzzling for users, however, the question that arises in mind is how can you fix it?

Here, you can try multiple solutions such as force-stopping the application, wiping cache or date, and freezing storage space in the mobile setting.

In this write-up, we will explain the various methods to fix the Google Play Store no results found error.

How to Resolve Google Play Store Error?

We have mentioned the following solutions to resolve the Google Play Store issue:

1. Force Stopping the Application, Wipe out Cache and Data

Most of the time, the application can work by force stopping and then relaunching it. Here, we will explain some methods that can resolve the Play Store error.

To force stop or clear application cache and data, follow these basic steps; Open Settings > Apps and select Google Play Store. Next, tap on Storage > Clear Cache. If the application still having problems then you can try erasing all your cache in the Download Manager Program, Google Play Services, and GEFramework.

How to Stop Google Play Store Forcefully?

Open up settings on your mobile phone and go to “Apps“:

In Apps, you will find “Google Play Store”. Tapping on it will make the force stop button appear here. Simply clicking on it will terminate the Google Play Store services.

How To Clear Cache or Data of Google Play Store?

Open up the settings on your smartphone and go to Apps. Here again, go to the Google Play Store. Tap on “Storage” to clear the cache or data of the Google Play Store (as shown in the screenshot).

Now, you will get multiple options for clearing cache or data depending on which one you want to do.

The application cache can be cleared by tapping on the clear cache button.

If clearing the cache doesn’t resolve the error try clearing the data.

2. Check your Internet or Mobile Data

If your Google Play Store is outdated, then probably it might be the reason for getting the error “no results found”. Update your Google Play Store to make sure it works properly.

If your mobile is connected to an unstable internet connection, you won’t be able to update or download any application from Google Store, so, check your internet connection before launching Google Play Store.

Internet can be restored by resetting your router or restarting your mobile. Trying Airplane Mode for a few minutes can also fix the internet connectivity issues. These tricks might resolve Google Play Store issues.

3. Remove the Account from your Mobile

After doing all of the above methods, if your Google Play Store still does not work, then reactivation of your Google account may be necessary. By removing your Google account, you won’t be able to use Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and other services.

So, to remove the account, go to “Settings” and then “Accounts & Backup“.

Tap on Accounts then remove the Google account you have on your smartphone.

4. Check your Mobile Storage Space

When your smartphone runs out of storage space, you will receive a warning regarding additional space. That usually happens when 1 GB of storage is left which causes many applications to not function properly.

In the same way, the Google Play Store will no longer function properly if the device does not have enough space. So, check your storage space and clean it up. You can clean your smartphone storage by deleting some applications that are of no use to you and by installing a cleaner that might do the job even better.

5. Check if Google is Having a Global Outage

You need to make sure before trying this method that the problem is not within your phone at all. Next, check about different Google services using tools like Downdetector or UptimeRobot; check whether if Google services are down. If a large number of users are reporting the same problem, then it will be a global outage.

6. Setup your Mobile Date and Time

To provide Google Services, Google verifies the time and date on your phone. There may be region synchronizing problems with your device, so, make sure that your time and date are correct.

The date and time settings can be changed manually and automatically. It would be better if you set it to automatic as it will be set according to your time zone or by using the Internet automatically. However, you can also set it manually, to do so, follow enlisted steps for checking or changing date and time settings:

Go to mobile settings, and tap on General Management (or System where you will get Date & Time Settings).

Under General Management, you will find different options where you can set Date and Time, Languages, and Reset Mobile.

Tap on Date and Time settings to change or set them (as shown in the screenshot).

Now, you can set the date and time to automatic as it will make it automatically update when connected to the Internet.

8. Remove VPN Settings

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps in transmitting sensitive data safely by encrypting it. It also prevents unauthorized people from secretly accessing it. Recently, many VPN users have faced Google Play Store no result found issues. You can disable your VPN connection by opening your app or you can remove it in the mobile setting.

7. Deleting Files Using Root

If you have a rooted smartphone and are an experienced user, you can try these steps as given below:

  1. Access the device files using the Root File Explorer application.
  2. Go to the system where you will find the root directory to access the files.
  3. Now remove “hosts.txt” permanently.

9. Factory Reset

Last but not least, you can factory reset your smartphone as it will permanently remove all the information and data but make sure to back it up before doing that. Factory reset is necessary as it will remove all the cache and data that build up over time.

We have covered nine methods about how to fix the Google Play Store no result was found.


To fix the “Google Play Store no result found” issue or any error, you can force stop it or clear the cache and data to resolve the issue. If these methods do not work, check if the date and time are correct because Google servers would have problems synchronizing. Before trying all the solutions, make sure to check if the problem is due to a global outage or not. As a final step, you can factory reset your phone to permanently remove all the unnecessary cache. In this article, we have explained how to fix out the error related to Google Play Store in the most efficient way possible.

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