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How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue

Once an iPhone device is purchased or reset, the user has to pass through the initial setup which allows to set multiple essential settings, such as language, passcode, and Apple account.

During setting up an account, iPhone devices pick the user name and set it as the default device name, for example, Hannah’s iPhone. 

So, there are millions of iPhone users and thousands of them can have the same name. When devices with the same name come across each other and are connected to the same network, one of them gets renamed. 

Displaying iPhone renaming issue

Let’s explore more why your iPhone device is renaming itself automatically and what steps you can take to prevent it from doing so.

How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue

Each Apple device, whether an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, gets assigned a unique IP address when connected to a WiFi. Suppose you have two devices with the same name “Hannah’s iPhone” and on the same network, one of them will get renamed as Hannah’s iPhone (1). In another case, if you pair your device via Bluetooth somewhere, there is quite a possibility that your device gets renamed while connecting to Bluetooth again due to a bug or glitch. To fix the iPhone renaming issue, follow the mentioned solutions:

  1. Rename Your iPhone Device Manually
  2. Unpair Your Device if Paired Already 
  3. Update Your AirPort Extreme Firmware

Here, let’s start with the most effective method of changing your device name first.

Fix 1: Rename Your iPhone Device Manually

Most iPhone devices have generic names, such as “iPhone” which increases the probability of the device name getting changed when connecting to an available public area network. Many of the devices are often connected to public networks, such as Airports for accessing the internet. So, to ensure that you do not encounter such an issue, give your iPhone device a unique name. To do so, follow the following detailed steps.

Step 1: Access the iPhone Settings

Firstly, launch the Settings application to access multiple options related to device renaming.

How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue 1

Step 2: Go to the About Section

Next, go to the General for accessing the About option.

How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue 2

Step 3: Tap on “Name” Option

Now, tap on the Name option so it will allow you to set up the name of the device according to you.

How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue 3

Step 4: Go Back to Save Device Name

Once the device name is filled in the required field, go back by selecting the About option appearing on the top left.

How to Fix iPhone Renaming Itself Issue 4

Doing so will successfully change the device name and prevent the issue of automatically renaming.

Fix 2: Unpair Your Device if Paired Already

If the iPhone device name is changing while trying to connect to any other Bluetooth device, consider disconnecting the device from the Bluetooth first and then unpair all the devices with a similar name as your device name. After that, pair your iPhone again and the device name will not get changed on its own.

Fix 3: Upgrade AirPort Extreme Firmware

If you are using an old AirPort device, then consider upgrading its firmware to the latest version as it will resolve all the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). DHCP is a pool of distinct IP addresses responsible for providing one to each connected device. Issues with DHCP could cause the device to omit such renaming itself problems.

What Happens Due to Unexpected iPhone Device Name Change?

Unexpected name changes of iPhone devices can leave others scratching their head while searching your device through AirDrop or Bluetooth. Moreover, you need to pair your device again and again to an accessory if your iPhone name is changing constantly. 

Why Getting Random Numbers Written With iPhone Name?

If you have multiple Apple devices at the same place with the same Apple account opened, there are chances that all of your devices have the exact name. Duplicate names on multiple devices change automatically when a connection is established via the same network for both devices. Follow the fix 1 as described above and rename the iPhone.

That’s all from stopping an iPhone device to renaming it automatically.


To fix the iPhone device changing name itself issue, manually rename the iPhone device, unpair it from Bluetooth settings, or upgrade the firmware of your router. This post has shown how to ensure the iPhone device name does not get changed by itself through three efficient solutions.

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