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Fix: iPhone Voicemail Icon Disappeared

The voicemail is present in the phone app on the iPhone; it is utilized by the selected carrier to show the message list. The voicemail symbol is located on the screen’s bottom within the phone app. We can easily play or delete all these voicemails in the phone app. Moreover, we can also see the number of unheard messages on the badge of the voicemails icon. 

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the details and solutions to the issue “iPhone voicemail icon disappeared”.

Reason for iPhone Voicemail Icon Disappeared

iPhone voicemail icon disappeared error is reported by many users; it is stated that the default phone app does not display the voicemail icon and makes accessing the voicemail impossible.

Some of the solid reasons for the iPhone voicemail disappearance are given below:

  • The carrier does not support the voicemail.
  • The SIM Card is damaged or not placed/inserted properly.
  • The iOS of the iPhone is outdated.
  • There are some problems with the iPhone’s iOS.

How to Fix: iPhone Voicemail Icon Disappeared

There are various solutions to resolve the issue of the “iPhone voicemail icon disappeared” and some of the important solutions are given below:

Solution 1. Check whether the SIM Card is Inserted Properly or Not

The carrier is responsible for providing the voicemail services, so, consider checking the sim card first. The sim card might not be inserted properly and causing the voicemail icon not to show in the phone app. Utilize the SIM ejector tool to take out the SIM Card, clean the SIM Card, adjust it properly in its place, and insert it back. Now, restart the phone and check if the voicemail icon is visible. If not, let’s move toward solution two.

Solution 2. Update the iOS of the iPhone

Apple often releases updates to control the bugs of the iPhone. To update the iPhone’s iOS, follow the below-given steps: 

Simply unlock the iPhone and open “Settings”.

After that, tap on “General

Then, tap on “Software Update

Check for the “Updates”, if the update is available then consider updating the Apple iPhone’s iOS.

If the iPhone is up to date then let’s head towards solution three.

Solution 3. Reset the Network Settings of the iPhone

To reset the network settings of the iPhone, follow the following below given steps:

Simply, unlock the phone and navigate to “System Settings”.

Next, go to “General”.

Now, open the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” section:

Tap on the “Reset” option. It will display the pop-up menu.

Finally, click on the “Reset Network Settings” option:

Enter the passcode and all the settings will be set as default:

After resetting the network settings, check the voicemail icon.

Solution 4. Restart the phone

Restarting the iPhone fixes all the runtime errors of the phone. It is the fastest fix to resolve this problem. It will take only 2 to 3 minutes to restart the phone. To restart the iPhone, follow the following detailed steps:

  • Keep the side power button pressed until the power off slider arises on the screen:
  • Simply, drag the slider to the right side to turn off the iPhone:
  • After that, Wait 40 seconds.
  • Again, keep the side power button pressed for some seconds and the phone will be switched on.

This process will restart the iPhone and fix all the runtime errors that exist in it.

Solution 5. Try to Reinstall the iOS of the iPhone 

If none of the above solutions is not working that means there is something wrong with the iOS system. To fix the bug of the iOS, we can utilize the tool “Reiboot”. Reiboot is the software designed to repair the iOS system. In simple words, it reinstalls the whole iOS system. The Reiboot also allows reverting the version of iOS without losing any information in the process. To download this tool, follow this link.

We have covered all the details and solutions of the issue “iPhone voicemail icon disappeared”.


Sometimes the SIM card is not inserted properly and there is a bug in the ios system that might occur the problem of “iPhone voicemails disappeared” to resolve this problem there are various solutions such as resetting the network settings, updating the latest version of ios and using the tool to repair the ios without losing any information in the process. In this Guide, we have explained all the details and solutions for the iPhone voicemails disappearing. 

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