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How to Fix an Unresponsive iPad Touchscreen

The iPad is a touchscreen tablet designed by Apple Inc. The iOS operating system is running on the iPad devices of Apple. The iPad has a very large and beautiful display with LCD panels. Sometimes, the touch on the iPad display stop working due to some specific reasons, such as “software glitches”, “overheated” or “broken protector”. 

This blog will elaborate on the proper fixes to rectify the unresponsive iPad touchscreen issue.

How to Fix an Unresponsive iPad Touchscreen?

Unresponsive iPad touchscreen” can be fixed by using these fixes:

  1. Force-Restart the iPad
  2. Properly Clean the Screen of the iPad
  3. Remove the Protector and Back Cover 
  4. Check the iPad Temperature
  5. Update the iPad Software 
  6. Factory Reset the iPad 

Fix 1: Force-Reboot the iPad

The force-restart process is very helpful if the device screen is frozen. To perform force-restart the iPad, we will follow the below-listed steps:

For Home Button iPads 

Hold the “power and home button” simultaneously until the logo of the smartphone appears.

For Without Home Button iPhone

Press and release the “volume up” button first, then do the exact with the “volume down” button. After that, hold the “Power” key until the logo of the device is displayed on the screen.

These steps will force-restart the iPad and resolve this error.

Fix 2: Properly Clean the Screen of the iPad

If there is dust/dirt on the iPad screen or any oil-like substance, then there are chances the screen will not work and make the touch unresponsive on interaction. In solution, turn off the iPad and then clean its screen with the help of a microfiber cloth.

In another case, if one’s fingers are wet, the iPad screen will not respond to the touch. So, dry the hands and then give it a try.

Fix 3: Remove the Protector 

If the protector of the iPad is broken or cracked, the touch will not respond to some specific areas of the iPad. Simply, remove the protector from the iPad screen to test make the touchscreen responsive.

Fix 4: Check the iPad Temperature

If the iPad temperature exceeds the limits then the touch screen of the iPad will not work and iPad will display any message of increased temperature. The only solution to rectify this issue is to leave the iPad until its temperature gets normal. 

Fix 5: Update the iPad Operating Software

The updating software procedure will fix the glitches and bugs in the iPad operating system. The steps to execute this operation are stated below: 

Step 1: Open the Software Update Settings

Navigate to the “Settings>General” options and then select the “Software Update” option.

Step 2: Update the iPad Software

Now, select the “Download and Install” option on the iPad.

These above steps will update the iOS software of the iPad.

Fix 6: Factory Reset the iPad

By factory resetting the iPad, all the content in it will be removed and boots the iPad at the startup page. However, backup all the important data before performing the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open the Transfer and Reset Option

Go to the settings of the iPhone device and choose the “Transfer and Reset” option.

Step 2: Factory Reset the iPad

Now, pick the “Erase all content and settings” option and then enter the passcode of the iPad (if asked).

The above steps will solve the unresponsive touchscreen error on the iPad.


To fix an unresponsive iPad touchscreen, we will utilize different fixes, such as “force-restarting” the iPad”, “removing the screen protector” or “checking the iPad temperature”. The force-restart process will refresh the device and very useful solution if the screen got frozen. By removing the screen protector, the touchscreen will respond accurately if the protector is damaged or broken. Leave the iPad until it gets cool down because the iPad does not display any notification when the temperature limit is exceeded. In this write-up, we have illustrated the 6 efficient fixes to solve the unresponsive iPad touch screen.

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