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Fix: Why I Cannot Lock Notes on iPhone

Notes is an application on iOS devices that is used to store information whether it is in the form of text, audio, picture, and videos on the iPhone device. Often, we wanted to hide our important details, such as login credentials and bank details notes on iPhone devices, and for that, we have to lock that notes. While locking such important notes, we face an error “Can’t Lock Note” on the device screen.

This post has elaborated on the two useful methods to solve the “Can’t Lock Note” error on iPhone.

Why I Cannot Lock My Notes on iPhone?

There could be two reasons why we are not able to lock notes on iPhones, the first one is we have “not set up the passcode” or the second one is we are trying to lock some “content like videos and pdf files” which are not allowed to be locked yet.

Fix: Why I Cannot Lock Notes on iPhone

To fix the error “Can’t Lock Notes on iPhone”, we will follow the given solutions:

  1. Set Up Passcode
  2. Use Text and Pictures Only 

The step-by-step procedure for these two fixes is briefly explained below:

Fix 1: Set Up Passcode

In this process, we can lock the notes on the iPhone through the Notes app and we can unlock that notes through our lock screen password:

  • Step 1: Launch the “Notes” app and choose the note that we desired to lock.
  • Step 2: Tap on the “three vertical dots” and select the “Lock” icon:
  • Step 3: It will display two options on the iPhone screen, first one is “Use iPhone Passcode” and the other is the “Create password” option:

Step 4: If we wanted to set our lock screen passcode on that note then we select the “Use iPhone Passcode” option. After that, it will lock the note.

  • Note: The “Use iPhone Passcode” option will appear on the latest iOS versions such as 16.
  • Step 5: Select the “Create password” option if we wanted to lock the notes with a custom password. 

Warning: If we forget that custom password then there is no way to recover that note again. We can reset the password but the notes will be deleted permanently.

  • Step 6: It will open a dialog box on the screen after we select the create password option:
  • Step 7: Create the password and hint on that dialog box. Moreover, enable the “Touch ID and Face ID” in order to unlock the notes quickly:

Note: When we attempt the passcode two times wrong while unlocking the note then the hint will appear on the screen to help us unlock the note.

  • Step 8: Tap on the “Done” option to confirm the changes that we have made:

These steps will lock the notes on the iPhone smartphone.

Fix 2: Use Text and Pictures Only

If we wanted to lock the media content like videos, audio, and pdf files then it is recommended to visit this article. The linked article has explained efficient methods with the step-by-step procedure to hide and lock the media content on the iPhone Smartphone. 

We have indicated the two feasible fixes to fix the error “why can’t I lock my notes on iPhone” problem.


There could be two reasons that why we cannot lock notes on iPhones, the first one is we are not using the passcode yet, and the second one is we are trying to lock the content like videos and pdf files on the Notes app. To fix this issue, “set up a passcode on the notes app” and “use text and pictures only”. This blog has presented two valuable fixes to resolve the “can’t lock notes on iPhone” error.

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