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[Fixed] Xbox One Turns On Then Off

Xbox is a brand of home video gaming and Microsoft develops it. The first gaming console, the Xbox, was developed in November 2001 in the United States. The Xbox one was released in the month of November 2013 and 51 million units of the Xbox one have been sold by Microsoft.

In this article, we will demonstrate the details and possible solutions for the Xbox one to turn on and then off.

Reasons For the “Xbox One Turns On Then Off” Problem?

There could be multiple reasons for the problem of Xbox one turning on and then off by itself; such as:

  • A faulty power brick
  • A faulty PSU(Power Supply Unit)
  • Console overheating
  • Moisture on the Motherboard
  • Minor software bugs and glitches

How to Resolve Xbox One Turns On and Then Off

To rectify the Xbox one turning on/off issue, we will follow the following described solutions:

Solution 1. Clean the Fan Area of the Console

If there is any dirt/dust inside the Xbox One console, consider using a soft brush or hair dryer to clean it. Also, clean the exterior of the Xbox one with a damp cloth. Do all these things regularly to prevent the console from overheating.

Solution 2. Change the Power Settings of the Console

To change the power settings of the console. Follow the below-given steps:

  • First, hit the “X” on the controller to open the settings menu.
  • Next, go to the “Profile & Settings”>” Settings”>” General”>” Power mode & Startup” options.
  • Finally, in the options menu, choose the “Turn Off After” option and then select the “Don’t Turn Off Automatically” option.

After these steps, the console will not be switched off automatically.

Solution 3. Check the Power Chord and Power Supply

Sometimes, due to the insufficient supply of power, the console failed to take start properly; this happens because the power cord might not be connected properly to the outlet. To resolve this issue, properly connect the power chord to the same or different outlets tightly.

Solutions 4. Remove the USB Devices From the Console

Remove all the devices from the console and wait for a few seconds. After that, restart the console and then connect all the USB devices to the console. This process might resolve the issue of the Xbox one turning on and then off.

Solution 5. Factory Reset the Console

Note: Implementation of this solution will not delete the games and other apps on the Xbox one. 

To factory reset the console of the Xbox one, follow the below stated steps:

  • First, open “settings” in the console.
  • Next, select the “System” option and then the “Console Info” option.
  • Finally, Choose the “Reset Console” and then choose the “Reset and Keep my Games and Apps” option.

These steps will factory reset the console and might resolve the issue.

Solution 6. Contact the Customer Care Support

If all the solutions mentioned earlier don’t resolve the problem, that means the problem is in the hardware. To resolve the hardware issue, simply contact customer support at Microsoft and take the console to the nearby Microsoft service center to repair the console. 

We have provided all the details and proper solutions for the “Xbox One turns on then off”.


The issue of turning on and then off is very common in the Xbox one console. There are multiple reasons for this issue such as console overheating, moisture on the motherboard, and lack of power supply. The numerous solutions to this issue are cleaning the fan area of the console, changing the power cord to different outlets, and factory resetting the console. In this blog, we have explained all the details and appropriate solutions for the issue of “Xbox One Turns On Then Off”.

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