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What are Flood Forecast Alerts in Android?

Google is the most popular search engine that has plenty of data and information. Google alerts send emails and notifications to users according to their settings and choices. If you have opted in for any Google alerts intentionally, then Google will keep you updated about that specific category, such as politics, sports, or tech. However, in some cases, Google sends some alerts automatically to the user based on their location, such as flood alerts.

This blog will explain all the details about the flood forecast alert on Android smartphones.

What Are Flood Forecast Alerts?

The persons who reside in the flood-prone location will get alert notifications in case of unpleasant weather or flood risks. The alert you will get is based on real-time data and is updated multiple times a day. You can also manually search for floods near you or in specific locations by following the below-listed steps: 

How to Get Flood Alerts For My Area

To get the flood alerts for your nearby area, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on the location service on the Android smartphone by tapping the “Arrow or Pin icon” on the status bar.
  • Step 2: Type “Flood” in the Google search bar, if there is any flood near us, it will be displayed on the screen.

How to Get Flood Alerts For Other Areas

  • To get the flood alerts for other areas, add the address of the location that we desired to know flood alerts on the Google search engine:

How Does the Flood Forecast Model Work?

Google monitors the water level measurements and precipitation forecast in real-time to provide forecast alerts to users. Google uses data that is publicly available and by partnership with local governments. Google runs two types of machine learning models named “Hydrologic” and “Inundation“. Hydrologic provides river flood forecasts and Inundation keeps updated about flood forecasts extended on the ground.

Who Receives Flood Forecast Notifications?

When the upcoming flood is identified by Google, they send notifications to the people who have enabled the location service and residing in the flood-prone areas. The person whose location service is turned off will not get a notification alert by the flood forecast. 

We have covered all the important information about flood forecast alerts and notifications about them on Android devices.


Flood forecast alerts are notifications that are delivered to people who live near flood-prone areas. Google sends notifications based on real-time data that gets updated various times a day. This article has enlightened the useful details about Android flood forecast notifications.

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