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How to Forward a Voicemail on iPhone

The voicemail is an audio-recorded message that plays when the recipient calls us and at the moment we are busy or unable to access the phone. The main benefit of this feature, the recipient will leave a message at the end of the voicemail that we can access after completing the work. Certain carrier service providers will delete the voicemail after the due date. So, we can send voicemail through email or message in order to save it on the iPhone device.

This guide will elaborate on the appropriate steps to forward the voicemail on iPhone.

How to Forward a Voicemail on iPhone

First, we have to follow some important notes before forwarding the voicemail, such as “forward to only trusted people”, and “listen to the voicemail before transferring”. After that, follow the below stated steps to forward the voicemail from an iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Contact Application 

First, tap on the “Contact” app from the home screen of the iPhone device.

Step 2: Choose the Voicemail That we Want to Transfer

After that, select the “Voice Mail” tab and then choose the voice mail that we want to forward.

Step 3: Choose the Forwarding Source

Now, hit the “Share” icon and then select any source through which we want to forward as we have chosen the mail option:

Step 4: Forward the Mail to the Recipient

Finally,  enter the Gmail ID of the recipient and then choose the “Send” option:

These steps will forward a voicemail through the iPhone device.


Does the Text Transcript also Forward When We Forward the Voicemail?

The text transcript is provided by some smartphone carrier service providers along with the audio recording. However, the transcript can only be forwarded along recording when we transfer the voicemail through Airdrop. The transcript will not transfer along with the recording when we forward the voicemail through Mail and Message.

To which Devices do we Forward the Voicemail from iPhone?

We can transfer the voicemail to all kinds of devices, such as “Android, Windows, and Mac,”. The email and text message process will forward the voicemail to the Android and Windows devices. The Airdrop feature will only transfer the voicemail to the iOS devices only. 

How Do I Call My iPhone Voicemail From Another Smartphone?

To call the iPhone voicemail from another smartphone, simply, dial your “phone number” and then press the “ * or # ” depending on the carrier service provider. After that, enter the password of the voicemail. 


To forward a voicemail on an iPhone, first, navigate to the “Contacts” app and then choose the “Voicemail” tab. Now, choose the voicemail that we want to forward and then select the “Share” icon. It will display multiple sources to transfer the voicemail, such as “Mail” and “Message”, select any of one from these options. After that, enter the details of the recipient on the iPhone device and then choose the “Send” option.  This post has explained the possible steps to forward the voicemail on iPhone.

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