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How to Do Exponents on iPhone

In the Apple smartphone default keyboard, we cannot type the Square(2) or cube(3) of a number. However, there are some methods available to write these small numbers on iPhone. The square and cube are mostly used when we calculate the exponent on the iPhone device.

This guide will present the appropriate steps to calculate the exponent on iPhone:

  1. How to Do Exponents on iPhone
  2. Type the Exponent with the Help of the Keyboard

How to Calculate Exponents on iPhone Device

The iPhone provides a multiple-option calculator that can perform many calculations. The operations that we can operate in this application are square root, trigonometric functions, and exponents. To calculate the exponents on iPhone, follow the below-described steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the control center on the iPhone by swiping down at the home screen.

Step 2: Disable the “Lock Screen Orientation” and then hit the “Calculator” option.

Step 3: Rotate the iPhone device to Landscape orientation. It will start displaying the scientific calculator on the iPhone screen.

Step 4: To implement the exponential operations, use (x2, x3, and xy ).

Step 5: Let’s take the exponent of 5: 

First, we press 5 and then (x2). It will display the square of the “5” which is “25”:

Step 6: To print the cube of 9:

First, we press “9” and then (x3). It will print the cube of the 9 which is “729”:

Step 7: To get the exponent of any number we will use (xy):

First, we press a number like “7” and then hit the (xy). Next, press the “6” on the calculator. The 6 is the power of 10. It displays that the exponent answer is “117649”.

Step 8: Alternatively, to get the exponent of the negative number (for example (90×10-5)):

First, press the 90 and then press the “EE” option on the keyboard. After that, enter “-5” and then press the “=” button. It will print the answer which is 0.0009:

These steps will get the exponent on iPhone.

How to Type the Exponent Via Keyboard

To type the exponent with the help of the keyboard, follow the bellow mentioned steps:

Step 1: Launch the iPhone device settings and hit the “General” tab:

Step 2: Hit the “Keyboard” option and then select the “Text Replacement” choice:

Step 3: Hit the “+” icon. Copy this small (2) and paste it into the phrase section on your iPhone.

Step 4: Enter the “^a” on the shortcut section and then select the “Save” option:

Step 5: Open the notes application, type 5^a, and press the spacebar. It will display the 5 to power 2:

These steps will type the exponent with the help of the keyboard.


The calculator app on the iPhone performs scientific calculations, such as square roots and exponents. To calculate the exponents on iPhone, first, open the calculator app and press any number for the base. Press (xy) on the calculator and then press any number for exponents. Add the small (2) in the phrase and “^a”  in the shortcut. After making these settings, we will be able to type the exponent power through the keyboard. This post has explained all the possible steps to calculate the exponent on iPhone.

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