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How do I Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A13

The smartphone operating systems provide many built-in features that are necessary because users need them in their daily tasks, such as snipping screenshots. One of the brands Samsung takes great care of such minor necessities deeply and provides proper features. For example, Samsung allows its users to take screenshots within the phone through multiple methods.

  1. Take Screenshot on Samsung With Button Combinations
  2. Take Screenshot on Samsung With Gestures
  3. Take Screenshot on Samsung With the Assistant Menu
  4. Take Screenshot on Samsung With Google Assistant
  5. Take Screenshot on Samsung With Third-party Apps
  6. Take Screenshot on Samsung With a Scrolling Screen
  7. Tip: Recording Screen on Samsung Device

Let’s explore each method one by one for capturing the Screenshot on Samsung.

Method to Take Screenshot With Buttons Combinations on Samsung A13

Samsung volume and power buttons are attached externally at the side of the phone. The volume button is used to perform the sound up/down related functions while the power button is used for turning the display of the phone on and off. The power button is also utilized for switching on or off the Samsung smartphone. However, when volume and power keys are used together, they can be able to perform some different actions, such as taking a screenshot.

So, to take the screenshot on Samsung A13 with the assistance of the power and volume buttons combination, follow the next steps.

Step 1: Go to the Target Screen

Move to that screen that needs to be captured as the action you are going to perform will instantly take the screenshot.

Step 2: Press the Volume Down and Power Key 

Now, hold the power and volume down keys at the same instant to make the screen directly take the screenshot.

Step 3: Access Captured Screenshot

Next, check the Gallery because the snipped screenshot will be saved there. 

Methods to Take Screenshots Without Buttons on Samsung A13

Samsung device screenshot feature is not only limited to buttons that are attached to the phone externally. Samsung provides its users more ease in making the portion or entire screen capture with just one action. Such action can be taken by enabling and using the built-in features of the Samsung Android operating system.

Method 1: Take Screenshot With Palm Swipe Feature on Samsung A13

A handy way to take screenshots on Samsung A13 is by enabling the Palm swipe gesture. This is the way to take a snip by swiping the edge of your palm on the screen surface from the right direction toward the left. However, before doing so, Palm swipe to capture the feature needs to be enabled. Follow the instructions stated in the following steps to activate the Palm swipe to capture.

Step 1: Go to Advance features

Samsung Settings is the path to make the built-in features active. So, access it and select the Advance features.

Step 2: Explore Motions and gestures

An option “Motions and gestures” can be found; choose it to find more options.

Step 3: Activate the Palm swipe to capture

On the next screen, scroll a little down and make a tap on Palm swipe to capture option. Consider toggling the button from off to on by clicking on it.

Note: Palm swipe to capture does not function whenever the keyboard is active on the screen.

Method 2: Take Screenshot With the Assistant Menu on Samsung A13

Assistant menu is helpful for users who are fond of using their phones with one hand only. It contains different options which make the usability of Samsung smartphones more easy. To activate the Assistant menu, walk through the below provided details.

Step 1: Select Accessibility From Settings

From the Settings of the Samsung A13, go to the Accessibility option.

Step 2: Choose Interaction and dexterity

Next, you need to go to the Interaction and dexterity option by scrolling down.

Step 3: Turn on Assistant menu

Here, you will be able to see the Assistant menu; toggle its button to turn it on.

A menu will appear asking for permission to have full control on the screen and perform actions, tap on Allow.

From your screen, tap the Assistant menu to expand it. Select the screenshot option from multiple ones.

Method 3: Take Screenshot With Google Assistant on Samsung A13

Google Assistant is an intelligent program that can be installed on Samsung devices. Google Assistant can perform tasks efficiently within approximately no time. So, you can utilize Google Assistant to snip the screenshot on the Samsung A13.

Step 1: Install Google Assistant

Head toward the Google Play Store and make a search for Google Assistant through the search bar. Select the Google Assistant as shown in the image below and click on the Enable/Install button if not. 

Step 2: Setup Google Assistant

Next, the Open button needs to be pressed to start the Google Assistant application.

Step 3: Make the Google Assistant Take a Screenshot

After that, Google Assistant will start listening to you, so, say “Take Screenshot” or “Capture Screenshot” to put it into action.

How to Capture a Scrolling Screen on Samsung A13

To capture a scrolling screen on Samsung A13, make sure to press the down arrowhead buttons right after taking the screenshot within the device. Doing so will capture all the scrolling screen and make it appear in the form of an image as can be shown below:

How to Share or Edit Screenshots on Samsung A13

Once a screenshot is captured, a menu at the bottom displays for a few seconds with multiple options. From those options, selecting the share icon allows you to share the screenshot on multiple apps. From the left side of the share button, you will get a small pencil icon. Pressing this icon will open the phone editor to edit the screenshot.

How to Use Third-Party Applications to Take Screenshot on Samsung A13

Third-party applications often deliver the best experience by enhancing the existing features or by adding new features for the smartphone. You can take screenshots of Samsung A13 by using any third-party application from Google Play Store. Here, let’s use the “Screenshot” application for getting the screen of the mobile captured on the Samsung A13. 

Step 1: Install the Application

Launch the Google Play Store and search for “Screenshot” using the search bar. Once the results appear, select the “Screenshot” app and tap on the install button. 

Step 2: Open Screenshot Application

Shortly, an opened button will appear on the screen to launch the application, so, tap on that. Next, within the screenshot app, tap on the camera icon and it will start showing a notification that the app can’t work properly. This is because it requires some permissions. 

Step 3: Permit Permissions

Toggle the button next to the screenshot app and click on the Start now button on the appearance of screen recording or casting notification

Step 4: Choose Method and Take Screenshot

Next, it will provide two options:

  • Timer: To snip a screenshot by giving it a few seconds delay
  • On-screen button: Take a screenshot with the button that will be displayed on the screen

Both methods will instantly make the screen capture fully and open it in the screenshot application.

In case you are facing the need to capture the screen, there are more chances that you may also need to record the Samsung A13 screen in the near future. So, let’s learn about recording the screen of the Samsung within the next section.

Tip: How to Record Screen on Samsung A13

Doing the screen recording is useful when you have to take a bundle of screenshots. At that spot, consider turning the screen recording on the Samsung A13 to save your precious time. Samsung Galaxy A13 enables its users to record the screen of their mobile using third-party apps. 

Here, follow the steps listed to get started with recording on A13:

  • On the Play Store, write the screen record keyword and select any appropriate application for your phone. However, look around if there is a Screen Recorder + Video Recorder application available; simply install it.
  • Enable the notifications by clicking on the confirm button and then toggling the allow notification option.
  • It will also ask for enabling the floating action button, hit on it and it will take you to the app preference section. Make the button toggle in front of the Super Screen Recorder application.
  • Now, all you need to do is click on the floating button and start the screen recording using the big red-filled circle.

We have shown four effective methods to take screens on the Samsung A13 model. By pushing the limits, we have also described how scrolling screenshots can be taken and how to record the screen on the Samsung device.

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To take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A13, use the “Palm swipe to capture”, “Assistant menu” or “Google Assistant”. Moreover, the power and volume-down button combinations can also be used for capturing the complete screen. However, there are also plenty of third-party applications available on the Play Store which provide a better way along with the multiple features to make the screen snip on Samsung Galaxy A13.

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