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How Many Times Does FaceTime Ring? Complete Guide

FaceTime Rings on iPhones are important whether they are outgoing or incoming for notifying purposes. FaceTime rings several ways and each ring indicates something purposeful. 

So, in this article, we will learn how many times does FaceTime ring and what such gestures indicate.

How Many Times Does FaceTime Rings

FaceTime rings 12 times on all outgoing calls, from iPhone/iPad or Mac. On the 12th ring on FaceTime, the call disconnected automatically. iPhone X or below models Factime rings 11 times before disconnecting a call.

For FaceTime incoming calls, it takes 33-34 seconds before the ring stops ringing. In the same way, iPhones with iOS 15 or below will take 30-32 seconds to complete an incoming ring of FaceTime.

If the iPhone/iPad is on silent, FaceTime will make the phone vibrate or show a notification of a call instead of ringing.

What it Means “FaceTime Unavailable” After Ringing

If FaceTime rings a few times while calling someone and then becomes unavailable, it means the call is canceled or declined by the receiver. 

Additionally, this could also mean that the call is accepted by the receiver, however, due to poor connectivity, a successful connection between both ends cannot be established. In such cases, the call drops automatically after a few seconds if no action is made by the caller or receiver.

FaceTime Only Rings Twice or Not Ring At All

If FaceTime is ringing twice or not ringing at all while calling someone through it, then there could be the following noticeable reasons:

  • Firstly, check if the FaceTime operations are allowed in your country or supported by your carrier.
  • There is a temporary outage of FaceTime (maintenance etc).
  • FaceTime is not set up correctly– grant all permissions to make calls through cellular data or WiFi and add or sync your phone number with it.
  • Utilize the fast internet connection while making the FaceTime call.
  • Reset the FaceTime app or upgrade the Apple iOS to the most recent version if the issue is persisting.

How Many Times Does FaceTime Ring for Blocked Contact?

In case a contact is blocked, FaceTime will ring at the same time for an outgoing as mentioned above. However, FaceTime will not ring at the recipient’s end at all because of being on the block list. Moreover, any kind of notification will also not pop out on the screen.

That’s all from how many times does a FaceTime rings.


For iPhone 11 or higher models, FaceTime rings 12 times incoming calls while for iPhone X or lower models, FaceTime rings 11 times only. Once the FaceTime ring reaches the defined limit, the call ends by itself. At the receiving end, it takes 30 to 34 seconds for iPhones to complete a FaceTime ring. This post has covered in detail how many times a FaceTime rings on an iPhone/iPad or other iOS devices.

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