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How to Clean Xbox One

Xbox is taking the lead in the market by greatly focusing on its internal components and external design. Xbox console’s sleekness in design is mind-blowing in comparison with its older versions. However, we can also make our older Xbox console look cool by cleaning it with different cleaner tools.

This guide will explain the steps to clean the interior and exterior of the Xbox One console.

Steps to Clean Xbox One

When it comes to cleaning the electronics, each tool should be picked carefully. Selecting improper tools can damage the electronic device. The same thing goes for Xbox, so, we will not use the following objects:

  • Wire brushes.
  • Any Liquid like Bleach 

To clean the Xbox One console from the inside as well as from the outside, let’s get started with these convenient steps.

Step 1: Unplug the Cables of the Console

First, unplug the main power chord of the console and then all the cables, such as the controller cable and HDMI cable which are attached to the TV.

Step 2: Unassemble the Xbox One Console

Note: If the warranty of the Xbox console is expired then follow the given procedure.

For unassembling purposes, utilize a screwdriver to remove the 10 screws and disjoin the console into two halves carefully. 

Step 3: Clean the Xbox One Console From the Inside

Do not use a damp cloth for this; instead of that, use a microfiber soft cloth to gently rub all the inner parts of the Xbox One console.

Step 4: Blow the Compressed Air

After cleaning the inner side with the soft cloth, blow the compressed air to remove the dirt/dust.

Step 5: Re-Assemble the Xbox Console

To assemble the Xbox console, join the two halves of the console and bind all the screws back into their place. 

Step 6: Clean the Xbox One Console from the Outside

Now, use a microfiber soft cloth again to clean all the outer sides of the console.

By doing so, we will successfully make our Xbox look cleaner.

How to Clean the Xbox One Fan?

To clean the fan of the Xbox One, simply blow the compressed air into the fan to remove the dust and dirt. After that, place the Xbox console in a place where it gets ventilated with good air. Ensure the cleaning of the fan after every four to six months. 

How to Clean Xbox One Disc Drive?

To clean the Xbox One disc drive, the given instructions will be followed:

  • Step 1: Utilize the “microfiber” cloth to clean the area near the disc drive.
  • Step 2: Then, use the “soft-bristled toothbrush” to clean the disc tray or other areas.
  • Step 3: Finally, blow the “compressed air” to clean the dirt that cannot to reached or cleaned by the cloth and toothbrush.

How to Clean Xbox One Controller?

To clean the Xbox One controller, first, disconnect the controller from the console and then apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the cloth. After that, clean the entire Xbox controller with that cloth and leave it for some minutes until it’s alcohol dry.

What happens if we do not Clean the Xbox?

If we do not clean the Xbox then the dust and dirt inside the console will face overheating-like problems. Due to overheating, the Xbox console will automatically turn off when we play games for a long time period, so, it is very important to clean the Xbox for a good gaming experience and long durability of the console.

We have shown all the details of how to clean Xbox One.


To clean the Xbox One console, first, unplug all the cables of the console and unassemble the console with the help of the “screwdriver”. Clean the internal parts of the console with a soft cloth and then blow the compressed air to remove “dirt” and “dust” from the console. “Re-assemble” the console and clean the exterior of the Xbox One console with a soft piece of cloth. This tutorial has presented the proper steps to clean the Xbox One Console.

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