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How to Fix ‘Storage Space Running Out’ Message on Your Samsung Galaxy

Samsung smartphones are popular among other phones because of their design and specifications. Most of the applications and services are pre-installed in Samsung from Play Store or Galaxy Store. Phone internal software works flawlessly unless we start adjusting or adding apps or tools to it. Each added internal application or any external tool gets saved into the Samsung phone memory.

This post will elaborate on the most useful approaches to solving the “storage space running out” message on Samsung Galaxy.

How to Fix ‘Storage Space Running Out’ Message on Your Samsung Galaxy

We can fix the “storage space running out” issue by managing the storage space of the Samsung Galaxy with different approaches. We have explained approaches that will help us in fixing this error:

  1. Remove the Cache Data of the Apps Using a Large Space
  2. Transfer the Important Data to the PC
  3. Transfer the Data to the SD Card
  4. Utilize a Third-Party App to Remove the Junk Files from the Samsung Smartphone
  5. Delete Unnecessary Apps from the Samsung Phone
  6. Factory Reset the Samsung Device

Approach 1: Remove the Cache Data of the Apps Using a Large Space

Cache is the stored copy of data of different applications that enables a smooth and fast user experience. However, it also takes up space on the device, so, we should remove the cache data from the smartphone to free up some space using the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Battery & Device Care Tab From Settings

Navigate to the “Settings” app of the Samsung device and then choose the “Battery and Device Care” option.

Step 2: Open Apps Storage

Now, tap on the “Storage” tab and then select the “Apps” section. It will display the space usage of all the installed apps on the Samsung device.

Step 3: Remove App Cache Using Large Space

Tap on the “App” that is using a huge space on the device storage and then choose the “Clear Cache” option.

Approach 2: Transfer the Important Data to the PC

If the space of the smartphone device is consumed heavily by photos and videos, then we should transfer that important data to some external source.

For example, an external hard drive, SD card, or PC/Laptop. The steps to move data from Android to PC are demonstrated.

Step 1: Connect the Smartphone To PC

Connect the cell phone to the PC/laptop through a USB cable.

Step 2: Set the File Transfer Mode 

After connecting the device to the PC, select the “File Transfer” mode on the Samsung Smartphone.

Step 3: Open the Device Data on the PC

Now, open the “File Explorer/ This PC” on Windows and then click on the “Device” name.

Step 4: Transfer the Data From the Device to the PC

Here, copy the important data and paste it into the PC drives, such as “Local Disk”. 

Approach 3: Transfer the Data Into the SD Card

If an SD card is available, consider transferring some data to the SD card to free up space from the device storage. To do so, dive into the descriptive steps.

Step 1: Open My Files App

First, launch the “My Files” app from the home screen of the Samsung device launcher.

Step 2: Select the Any Category 

Now, choose any category like “Photos, Documents and Videos” that we desire to transfer.

Step 3: Select the Data 

Here, hit the “ellipse” icon and then checkmark the data that we want to transfer.

Step 4: Move the Android Phone Data to the SD Card

Again, hit the “three vertical dots” and then pick the “Move” option. After that, select the SD card option.

The selected data will be moved from internal storage to the SD card.

Approach 4: Utilize a Third-Party App to Remove the Junk Files from the Samsung Smartphone

There are many third-party applications that are available on the Play Store to remove junk files from the smartphone. In this procedure, we will utilize the “Phone Cleaner” application because it has good reviews and ratings.

Step 1: Download the Phone Cleaner App

Install the “Phone Cleaner” application via this link or from the Google Play Store:

Step 2: Clean the Junk files

Launch the app and then pick the “Clean” option.Then, again tap on the “Clean” option.

Approach 5: Delete Unwanted Apps from the Device

There are some apps that we do not use a lot on the device. So, we can uninstall those unwanted apps from the device to add up some extra storage within the device. To delete an application on Samsung, simply, long-press the app icon and then choose the “Uninstall/Delete” option.

Approach 6: Factory Reset the Samsung Device

If the above-mentioned approaches do not solve the problem then we have to factory reset the Samsung device. This operation will erase all the content from the smartphone and reboot the device to the initial setup. Follow the below-described steps to factory reset the Samsung smartphone:

Step 1: Open General Management

Launch the Samsung device settings and then choose “General Management” 

Step 2: Factory Reset the Samsung Smartphone

Hit the “Reset” tab and then select the “Factory Reset Data” option. Then, again choose the “Reset” option.

This is how we can easily make the storage space full/running out notification disappear.


To fix storage space running out messages on Samsung Galaxy, we will apply different approaches, such as “removing cache data”, “transferring data to SD card or PC” or “factory resettings the device”. The cache data stores copies of the app files in the device storage and we can remove this by navigating to the “settings>device care> storage> apps” options. Another option to free up some space on Samsung devices is to transfer important data to the PC through a USB cable. The factory reset is the last fix that will erase all the apps and content from the device. This blog has wrapped up the most effective ways to fix storage space issues.

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