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How to Give Google Assistant Access to Smartphones

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant software used to display any information, open apps, and perform actions instructed by the user. Google Assistant is available in mobile and home automation devices, although, some features are not available in every country.

In order to access Google Assistant on our Android smartphone, the steps are as follows:

  • In our Android phone, there’s a Home button in the middle end of our smartphone, so tap and hold it.
  • Ask Google about anything like: “Hey Google! Where am I right now?” Google will then open the location on Google Maps allowing us to see our present location.
  • In this way, we can also control our home appliances through Google Assistant.

How to Enable or Disable Google Assistant?

Google Assistant can be enabled or disabled in the following way as described below:

  • Open the Assistant Settings on an Android phone by saying to Google Assistant.
  • Now, tap General in “All Settings”.
  • Within All Settings, the screen can be toggled on or off to give access to Google Assistant.

Using the Assistant on Lock Screen?

To use the assistant on the lock screen, follow the below steps:

  1. On our computer, open the Google Application by activating the apps tray.
  2. Next, on the bottom right corner of the screen, see three horizontal lines; tap on them.
  3. Select settings then go to Voice from the menu.
  4. Toggle the voice match to switch on which will unlock the Voice Match.

Things to do with Google Assistant

Google Assistant can perform actions for us whether we have to play any music, set reminders, check flights, or other variety of things. 

However, here are a few things we can do with our Google Assistant using our voice only:

1. Launch any Smartphone Application

To launch any application, we can simply say “Hey Google! Open Gmail, Instagram, or Facebook”. This is how by using our voice we can launch any application.

2. Ask About the Weather

To ask about the weather, we can simply say “Hey Google! How much temp is it, will it rain tonight?, or ask for a forecast about the weekend”. In this way, we can easily inquire about the weather with our voice only.

3. Play Any Song

To play any song, we can simply say any name or type of music like: “Hey Google! Play some motivational music or listen to “My Heart Will Go on Spotify”. This is how we can play or listen to our favorite song with the help of our voice.

4. Listen to Specific News

To find the daily news, we can say: “What is news regarding the flood in the United States?” or any sports news to check the update”. The Google Assistant will narrate news from sources we have pre-selected.

5. Controlling the Smart Gadgets

In order to use smart gadgets with Google Assistant, we must first configure these devices. After that, we can ask the Assistant to control them using our voice like “Hey Google! Turn on the room light, turn on the heater, or turn off the LED”.

6. Stream something

To start viewing any streaming app like Netflix, we can say: “Hey Google! Watch Stranger Things on Netflix”. This will allow us to stream “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

7. Make a Phone Call

We can make a phone call with anyone with our voice by saying: “Hey Google! Make a phone call to [contact name]”; this is how we can call easily.

8. Discover Nearby Locations

To find any nearby restaurant/hotel or any event, we can simply ask Google Assistant to do that. Say “Hey Google! Find a nearby restaurant, hotel, or any event”.

9. What’s on Your Schedule

Remembering all these things is hard and this can easily be managed by Google Assistant. We can ask Google what is on my calendar or when is the birthday of my dad or anyone we want to see.

10. Set an Alarm

When sleepy- we can easily set an alarm by simply saying: “Hey Google! Wake me up at 6 AM or set an alarm for 6 AM”. This is how we can set our alarm by using our voice.

We have covered the topic of how to give access to our smartphone Google Assistant and have discussed ten things to do using Google Assistant.


Google Assistant is a virtual assistant software used to display any information, open apps, and perform actions asked by the user. We can access Google Assistant by pressing the home button for a few seconds. In a mobile setting, we can toggle it on or off. To use the Assistant on the lock screen, we can toggle the voice match to switch on which will unlock the Voice Match. We have covered ten things you can do while using your Google Assistant on your smartphone.

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