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How to Know If Anyone is Accessing Our iPhone Remotely

The smartphone manufactured by Apple is very famous because of its protection and security. iOS is the operating system that provides great security protection to iPhone users, however sometimes, it is also accessed remotely by someone who tries to steal our important information, such as Apple ID passcode and banking passwords. 

This article will let us know how to tell if someone is accessing our iPhone remotely and appropriate solutions to stop this on iPhone devices.

How to Know If Anyone is Accessing Our iPhone Remotely

To know if someone really accessing our iPhone remotely, we have to observe the signs which are listed down:

  1. Fast Battery Drainage
  2. Overheating
  3. Slow Performance
  4. Higher Data Consumption
  5. Unexpected Reboots
  6. Installation of Unknow Applications by itself

In case, if any of one or multiple above-described issues are there in the iPhone, consider the following solution.

How to Stop Anyone From Accessing Our iPhone Remotely

After confirming that the iPhone is compromised, we immediately need to take action on it. As a remedy, we will follow the given solutions which are:

  • Change the Passcode of the Apple ID
  • Turn On the Two-Factor Authentication Feature.
  • Remove the Signed-in Devices From the iPhone Settings.
  • Factory Reset the iPhone Device.

Let’s explore each solution one by one!

Solution 1: Change the Passcode of the Apple ID

To change the passcode of the Apple ID:

Step 1: Navigate to the iPhone settings and select the “Profile” option:

Step 2: Hit the “Password and Security” option and choose the “Change Password” option:

Step 3: Enter the existing password/pin and then enter the new password in it:

Step 4: After entering the new password, select the “Done” option.

These steps will change the passcode of the Apple ID on the iPhone device.

Solution 2: Turn on the Two-Factor Authentication Feature on the iPhone Device

To turn on the two-way authentication feature on the iPhone device:

Step 1: Go to iPhone “Settings>Profile>”.

Step 2: Next, tap the “Two-Factor Authentification” option and then toggle the button to turn it on.

Want to make the iPhone device more secure? Follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Remove the Signed in Devices From the iPhone

Apple provides the logged-in device history on iPhone, iPod, and Mac. With the help of the feature, we can remove unknown devices from our Apple account. To remove the signed-in devices from the iPhone device:

Step 1: Repeat the same procedure as mentioned above; open the Profile from settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to check the list of all sign-in devices.

Step 3: Hit the device that is unauthorized and then select the “Remove From Accounts” option.

Step 4: Again, select the “Remove” option to complete the process.

These steps will remove the unauthorized sign-in devices from the iPhone device.

Solution 4: Factory Reset the iPhone Device

This process will delete all the data from the iPhone smartphone and brings the phone to the default settings, so, make a backup copy of the important data only. Let all the other useless data be destroyed by following these steps: 

Step 1: Open the device settings and select the “General” option.

Step 2: Tap on the “Transfer and Reset” option and choose the “Reset” option.

Step 3: Tap the “Erase All Content and Settings” tab.

These steps will factory reset the iPhone device.

We have presented the solutions for how to know if someone is accessing our device remotely. Moreover, we have also described what solution we should follow to restrict anyone from getting into our device.


The signs that tell us someone is accessing our iPhone remotely are, draining the high battery, overheating, and automatically downloading suspicious apps. This blog has illustrated the signs of knowing someone is accessing an iPhone remotely and the proper solution to stop it.

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