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How to Make Emojis Bigger on Android

Text messages do not show the emotions of the person to the recipient, however, the emojis on the chat applications play an important role in expressing the emotions. Often, emojis we send to the recipient are displayed very small on our smartphone screen and failed in getting attention or showing our moods/interests. 

This tutorial will demonstrate the suitable methods to display the emojis bigger on the Android device.

Methods to Make Emojis Bigger on Android

We can make emojis bigger on Android smartphones with the assistance of the two methods. The first is by making the “font/display size” more prominent and the second is by utilizing a “third-party app”. These two methods will work on all chat applications of the Android device. 

Now, let’s follow the step-by-step instructions which are explained below:

Method 1: Making Font and Display Size Bigger

In this operation, we will make the size of the font and display go larger so the emojis look bigger on the chat screen. The steps to change the font and display size are stated below:

Note: These steps might be a little different depending on the software of the device.

Step 1: Open Display Settings

First, launch the device settings and then select the “Display” option:

Step 2: Change Font and Display Size

After that, select the “text and display size” option and then drag the slider to the right of both “Font and Display”:

Step 3: Send Bigger Emoji 

Now, go back and open any chat application. Select the person to whom we wanted to send the emoji and then choose the emoji. Next, tap on the “Send” icon:

Step 4: Verification

Verify the difference in the emoji size before changing the size and after changing the size:

Doing so will make the emojis go bigger from our end only. To increase emoji size for reception, let’s move toward the next section.

Method 2: Utilizing A Third-Party App

In this procedure, we will make a custom emoji and save it to the phone gallery with the help of the third-party app. There are numerous custom-making emoji apps on the Play Store, however, we will use the “Emoji Maker” app because its interface is very simple. The steps to do this process are described below:

Step 1: Download the Third-Party App

Click on this link to install the “Emoji Maker” app on your Android cell phone.

Step 2: Make an Emoji and Save it to the Gallery

Next, tap on the “Create emoji” option and modify it according to your preference. After customizing, tap on the “Tick” icon and then select the “My Emoji” option.

Now, tap on the emoji that we created and select the “Saved” icon. The emoji will be saved on the phone’s gallery:

Step 3: Send Bigger Emoji

Next, open any chat app and send the emoji that we created:

As a result, we can see the size of the emoji is quite huge:

We have covered the two valuable methods to make emojis bigger on Android smartphones.


To make emojis bigger on Android, we will make the font/display size bigger and also utilize a third-party application. To change the font and display size, simply navigate to the “settings>display>text and display size” options. Now, drag both sliders to the right of the mobile screen. The third-party app is Emoji Maker, in this app, we will make a custom emoji and save it to the device gallery. After saving, we can easily send that emoji on every chat application. This guide has illustrated the efficient methods to make emojis bigger on Android.

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