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How to Mark an Email as Urgent/Important in Gmail

Gmail is a platform created by Google for fast and secure email delivery. It provides bundles of amazing features that are necessary for emails and is user-friendly in terms of usability. Emails are essential in the professional world for marketing, advertising, and other information purposes. They are so important that huge businesses are completely running on them for communication objectives. In such businesses, conveying a message to the targeted inbox is a must. So, some emails are prioritized due to the need for urgency to make the possibility of actions quick.

This article will explain the procedure for how to mark an email as urgent in Gmail for:

  1. Mobile Users
  2. Desktop Users

How to Mark an Email as Urgent/Important in Gmail

In Gmail, we can mark two types of emails as urgent within the Gmail application:

  • Incoming Emails
  • Outgoing Emails

Let’s walk through each type one by one!

How to Mark Incoming Emails as Important in the Gmail App

Mails that land in our inbox from any other party are known as incoming emails. To mark the incoming emails as urgent in Gmail, we will follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Select the Email

Launch the Gmail app and select the email which needs to be marked as urgent. To select it, simply hold it for one or two seconds until a checkmark appears.

Step 2: Expand Mail Options

Next, get more options related to that mail by tapping on the three horizontal dots located in the top right corner of Gmail.

Step 3: Mark Email as Important

From the opened menu, select the option Mark as important to send the mail to the Important folder.

Step 4: Confirmation

Right after doing so, an alert box appears on the bottom indicating 1 marked as important.

All we need to do is access the Important section to see our marked mail.

How to Access Urgent/Important Emails in Gmail

To access the emails that are moved to important folders, access the Gmail menu from the top left as shown in the below screenshot.

A panel from the left slides in the outward direction and shows multiple options and mail folders; simply choose Important to view all the marked as important emails.

How to Mark an Outgoing Email as Urgent in Gmail

Within the Gmail app, unfortunately, there is no option available for outgoing emails as urgent. However, we can utilize a manual way to make our emails look like urgent ones. To do so, use the given keywords before typing the subject of the email, such as:

  • **Urgent**
  • **Critical**
  • **Important**
  • **Attention**
  • **Deadline [date]**

These keywords can be attached to the subjective line according to the context of the email. They make an email stand out from other ones and let the user know about the urgency. 


How to Mark Emails as Important/Urgent from Gmail Desktop

In case the Gmail application is not working or installed on your mobile device, other local browsers and big-sized desktop devices can be used. Type the mail.google.com in the address bar of the browser to instantly access Gmail. Now, in the Gmail, to mark emails as Important using Gmail on a Desktop, simply:

  1. Select the mail using the checkboxes displayed right behind the mail
  2. From the top right, select the vertical dots to access options
  3. Choose the Mark as an important option 

To learn more about sending emails through Android, follow this dedicated article.

That’s all for marking a sent or received email as urgent in Gmail using a desktop or mobile device.

Prioritizing Email

In the Gmail application, received emails can be marked as important, however, there is no option available to make sending emails important. To mark the emails as urgent, simply choose a single or multiple emails by holding onto them. Next, drop the menu using an ellipsis from the top and hit on the option mark as important. This tutorial has shown how emails within the Gmail application can be marked as urgent while delivering or receiving them.

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