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How to Stop Someone From Listening to Your Phone Calls Android

Android smartphones are good in terms of security and privacy protection, however, they can also be breached and hacked by someone with the support of software. There are numerous software that can be utilized to steal information from the smartphones, such as “Spyware”. The government and agencies utilize spyware software to record phone calls and track criminals. Spyware is manufactured to gather all information about a person and organization. After stealing the information, it can be misused for different purposes. 

This blog will enlighten what to do if someone is listening to our phone calls and in solution what steps should be followers to stop this.

How to Know If Someone Listening to Our Phone Calls on Android 

There are numerous signs that will help us to know whether someone is listening to our phone calls or not and these signs are described below:

  • The battery of the Android phone will drain very fast even if we do not use a lot of apps.
  • Overheating smartphones is also a sign that our device is hacked.
  • The excessive use of mobile phone data even though we are not using it.
  • The echo and background noise on the smartphone calls also indicates that someone is listening to our phone calls.
  • The performance of the smartphone will be very low.
  • The unusual newly installed third-party apps on the mobile phone that are not downloaded by us.

How to Check the Battery and Mobile Data Usage on Android Device?

To inspect the apps that drain too much battery and mobile data, we will follow the below-mentioned steps:

Battery Usage: 

  • Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” and select the “Battery” option:
  • Step 2: Here, we can see the usage data of all the installed apps on the phone:

Mobile Data Usage:

  • Step 1: Launch the settings and select the “Connection & Sharing” option:
  • Step 2: Tap on the “Data Usage” option and here we can see how much data is used by the specific app:

How to Stop Someone From Listening to Your Phone Calls Android

After suspecting these signs or once we have identified that our device is hacked then we need to stop someone from listening to our phone calls. We can remove spyware from our devices with the assistance of third-party applications. There are many amazing third-party antivirus software on the Play Store, such as “Avast”, “Kaspersky”, and “Clario”. However, we will use the Clario app because this app has a “4.8” rating on the play store and its interface is quite simple to utilize. The “24/7” live chat with the expert is an amazing feature of this app. The Clario app also scans the antivirus and provides browsing protection to its users. To do this operation we are going to follow the below-listed steps:

  • Step 1: Install the “Clario” application from this link.
  • Step 2: Open the Clario application and then sign in to the app:
  • Step 3: After setting up the app, tap on the “Device” option on the home page of the app:
  • Step 4: Under the Spyware detector, select the “Start scan” option. It will start the scanning process and if the spyware is established then choose the “Remove” option:

These steps will stop someone from listening to your phone calls on Android.


We can identify someone who is listening to our phone calls with the assistance of different clues, such as “battery draining very fast”, “device overheating” and “newly installed unusual third-party apps”. We can stop someone from listening to our phone calls by removing the spy from the device. To remove the spy, simply download the Clario app on the Android device and start scanning the spyware detector. If the spy is found, just tap on the “remove” option. This post has explained the signs to verify someone is listening to phone calls and the steps to stop them.

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