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What is “Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Co., Ltd. on my WiFi?

There are various companies that provide innovative WiFi equipment in the global market and Huizhou Gaoshengda technology is one the leading WiFi equipment manufacturers in the global market. It manufactures many hardware products, such as WiFi routers and smart home appliances.

This guide will demonstrate what is “Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Co., Ltd.” on the WiFi network.

What Does Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Co., Ltd. Mean on the WiFi Network?

The Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a white-label company situated in china, and their WiFi equipment and other products are sold all over the world. They manufacture their products for other brands and allow them to change the SSID (Service Set Identifier) on the router so they can advertise their branding.

When we are attempting to access our router administration panel, at that time, the name Huizhou Gaoshengda displays on the screen which means the firmware of the router is installed by Huizhou Gaoshengda. Sometimes, this company name is shown as the name of our WiFi network name, so, if we want to change the name of our home WiFi, then we have to change the SSID of the router from settings. The method to change the SSID of the router is described below.

How to Replace the SSID of the WiFi Router?

To replace the SSID of the WiFi router, follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: Log in to the administration panel of the router; for that, enter the WiFi router’s gateway IP address into the browser. Next, enter the credentials that are provided in the router user manual guide.

Step 2: Open the WiFi settings and look for SSID or related options to change the SSID of the router.

Step 3: After making the changes in the SSID, then restart the WiFi router.

Step 4: After restarting the WiFi router, we will see the new name of our home WiFi that we set to display on the device.

These steps will replace the SSID of the WiFi router.

Why Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Device is Visible to my WiFi?

As the module which is installed in your modem or other wireless product is made by Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Inc, therefore, it appears on the network. This is completely normal because the other product manufacturers also follow the same approach before delivering their modules to product makers, such as Espressif Inc and Shenzhen Bilian Electronics.

Is Having the Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Device on WiFi Safe?

Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology on the WiFi is not malicious, as it is designed to appear on the network in that way. So, this is not an issue and it can be left unattended if it does not seem distractive. Otherwise, it can be tackled by applying some Mac filters or by integrating some network protection tools.

How to Identify Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Devices?

Discovering the device or model by Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology can be done through multiple software that is specifically designed for this purpose, such as WND-Identifier or Fing. However, there are bundles of different wireless, Bluetooth, and modem modules that are used in many products by different huge product manufacturers. 


Huizhou Gaoshengda is a white-label company that provides hi-tech products for other companies all over the world. This company is situated in China; as China is the hub of the provider of wholesale products all over the world. The other brands will buy the equipment from this company and after buying, they will change the SSID of the router to showcase their branding. In this article, we have explained all the details of what is “Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Co., Ltd.” on the WiFi network.

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