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How to Listen to MP3 on iPhone

iPhone has been given a unique taste by Apple and this is why their software and its features are different from others. iPhone devices are only loaded with the best whether it is about playing audio or videos smoothly. Apple provides its own developed extensions to make the videos or audio playable losslessly, such as AAC extension for iPhone audios. However, where there come great features and extensions, there come great problems often. If you ever find yourself in one, then you are good to read this guide. 

This blog will present you with the most suitable and easiest methods to listen to MP3 on an iPhone.

How to Listen to MP3 on iPhone

To listen to MP3 on iPhone, we will use the three methods which are:

  1. Using the WhatsApp
  2. Using the Offline Music Player MP3 App&Video
  3. By Converting the MP3 to ALAC or AAC Format

Method 1: Listen to MP3 on iPhone Using WhatsApp

No doubt WhatsApp is a communication app, however, we can leverage this application to make our MP3 audio files playable on the iPhone. Follow the mentioned steps to listen to MP3 files on your iPhone through WhatsApp.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Files

Open the Files to access the MP3 audio file where it is placed. 

Listen to MP3 on iPhone a

Step 2: Share the MP3 File

Once the audio file is located successfully, keep holding on to it until the options appear before you and select Share.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone b

Step 3: Send it on WhatsApp

Tap on WhatsApp and select a contact where the audio needs to be shared.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone c

Choose a contact and a small dialogue window will appear, tap the Send button from the top right corner of it.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone d

Step 4: Play the MP3 Audio on iPhone

Now, from that contact where the audio has been shared, tap on the small triangle button to play it.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone e

Doing so will perfectly run the audio file in MP3 format. 

In case of have any trouble with this procedure, jump to the next method.

Method 2: Listen to MP3 on iPhone Using Offline Music Player MP3&Video App

Offline Music Player MP3&Video is a multipurpose app to search and play music/videos online or locally. It provides a powerful player that includes many extensions support, e.g .MP3. So, it can be obtained from the App Store of the iPhone by following the next section.

Step 1: Launch the Apple App Store

Launch the App Store and search for MP3 using the search bar to see the desired relevant applications.

Step 2: Install Offline Music Player MP3&Video

Click the Get button from the app Offline Music Player MP3&Video to install this.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone f

Step 3: Import MP3 file

Once the application gets installed, open it and perform the following steps:

  1. Tap on the Playlist icon from the bottom
  2. Select Import option can be found on the top left
  3. Tap on the Import files to proceed further
Listen to MP3 on iPhone g

Step 4: Choose the MP3 File

Hit the target file to import it within the Offline Music Player MP3&Video.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone h

Step 5: Go to Music Section

Now in the music section, click on the MP3 imported music to play it. This will play the MP3 formatted file without any hassle.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone i
Listen to MP3 on iPhone j

Want to walk through one more method which is easiest of all? Let’s move toward the next method.

Method 3: Listen to MP3 on iPhone by Converting it to ALAC or AAC Format

By default, Apple implements its own created audio format on audio files which is ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec). It is also known as AAC and is best for any kind of playable audio. So, consider converting the MP3 audio to AAC to play it on an iPhone device smoothly. To convert the MP3 audio file to AAC format, utilize the SafeaudioConverter. Only, make the file upload, convert it, and then make it download.

Listen to MP3 on iPhone k

That’s all to listen to MP3 on an iPhone device.


To listen to MP3 on iPhone, you can Share the target audio into WhatsApp, use the Offline Music Player MP3&Video, or convert audio from MP3 to AAC format online. These three methods are the most efficient ones to make any audio file with the extension of MP3 playable on an iPhone device. Today’s guide has shown how MP3 audio/music can be listened to on an iPhone device.

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