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What is MIUI Optimization? Should You Enable It?

Every Android device has its own operating system which controls all the functions in the devices, such as displaying the icons on the screen or managing the RAM (random access memory). All smartphone companies create their own operating system to make their devices different and unique from the other companies. One of the companies named Xiamoi is taking the lead by delivering the best optimation features and user-friendly experience through its OS MIUI.

This post will explain all the details of MIUI Optimization and whether you should enable it.

What is MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi Devices?

MIUI Optimization is a component of the user interface of Xiaomi devices. “MIUI Optimization” improves the user experience by making the device smoother and more efficient. MIUI Optimization enhanced the overall performance of Xiaomi devices. There are several advantages of MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi devices:

  • The MIUI Optimization properly manages the RAM of Xiaomi devices.
  • The MIUI Optimization secures and protects the user’s data on Xiaomi devices.
  • The MIUI Optimization enhances the battery life for a long period.
  • The MIUI Optimization fixes the problems at the backend.
  • The MIUI optimization new feature added a second space that extends the RAM of Xiaomi devices.

The MIUI Optimization Should be Enabled or Not

It is recommended to enable MIUI Optimization because it assists Xiaomi device software in maintaining its performance and also extends the battery life. If we depend mostly on the Google Play Store or utilize launchers, then we should disable the MIUI Optimization.

How to Disable or Enable the MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi Devices?

To enable or disable the MIUI Optimization, we will use the below-given steps:

Step 1: Access About Phone from Setting

First, simply unlock the Xiaomi device and open “Settings”. Next, tap on the “About Phone” option:

Step 2: Tap MIUI Version 7 Times

Tap the “MIUI version” at least 7 times and the developer option will appear on the screen:

Step 3: Open Additional settings

Simply go back to the settings and tap on “Additional settings”:

Step 4: Go to Developer options

After that, tap on the “Developer options”:

Tap on the “Reset to default value” at least 3 to 5 times:

Step 5: Turn on MIUI optimisation

Finally, the “MIUI optimisation” option will appear to enable or disable:

Turn it on to enjoy the benefits explained above. However, turning it off will result in losing some great optimization opportunities.

Disadvantages of MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi Devices

There are several issues reported regarding MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi devices, some of the famous issues are given below:

  • The apps that are running failed to sync the data, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • The launchers of third-party apps cannot be installed, such as the Smart launcher and Go launcher.
  • It is quite a possibility that the music player will not work properly. It might get turned off automatically.
  • some bugs and freezing on the big websites while scrolling the screen.
  • While scrolling the screen there’s a possibility that some bugs might be popped up, such as freezing the screen.

We have covered how to enable or disable the MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi devices by attaching screenshots of the steps.


MIUI Optimization” is a feature of the Xiaomi devices that helps the operating system control the performance and improve the battery life. If you want a powerful performance or long battery life then enable MIUI Optimization. In this tutorial, we have explained the working of MIUI Optimization on Xiaomi devices along with the advantages & disadvantages.

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