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How to Optimize Android Performance for Gaming

In this era of technology, games are becoming more realistic which requires some good processor to run smoothly. Often, processors are capable enough to provide a good gaming experience but the games lag. This can be due to not following the best approach by adjusting some optimal settings.

This blog will elaborate on the proper methods to optimize Android performance for a better and smoother gaming experience.

How to Optimize Android Performance for Gaming?

We can make various changes on the Android phone for the best performance while playing games on it. The methods that we apply on the Android phone to boost the performance are described below.

  1. Connect With Fast Internet
  2. Set the Refresh Rate Higher
  3. Limit Background Access
  4. Disable Force 4x
  5. Disable Battery Saver
  6. Utilize a Third Party App
  7. Use Additional Hardware Accessory

Let’s explore each method one by one!

Method 1: Connect With Fast Internet

Most of the new games are online and require a strong internet connection because they send and receive data continuously. If the internet connection is not strong, we will face lag and buffering issues in the game. So, connect the Android smartphone to a strong internet connection for a smooth gaming experience whether it is WiFi or cellular data.

Method 2: Set the Refresh Rate Higher

The higher refresh rate will improve the visual effects of the game and display very smooth animations on the game. However, it consumes a battery higher than the normal refresh rate. To increase the refresh rate of the Android smartphone, follow the below-stated steps.

Step 1: Open Display Settings

Navigate to the settings of the Android cellphone and choose the “Display” option:

Step 2: Open Refresh Rate Settings

Now, hit the “Advanced” tab and then select the “Refresh Rate” option.

Step 3: Choose High Refresh Rate

Here, select the high refresh rate option like as we do in the below image:

These steps will make visuals and animation in the game smoother.

Method 3: Limit Background Access

The limited background access will confirm that all the power of the CPU and GPU is accessed by only the application by that game which we are playing. For this operation, we will follow the given procedure.

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

First, navigate to “Settings>About Phone” and then tap seven times on the build number of the device.

Step 2: Open the Developer Settings

After that, go back to settings and then choose the system option. Next, select the developer mode option.

Step 3: Limit Background Access

Here, select the “Background process limit” and choose the option according to your preferences.

Method 4: Disable Force 4x MSAA

The Force 4x MSAA(multisample anti-aliasing) is a feature that improves the visual quality of the game. However, if our Android smartphone processor is not enough powerful then this feature will interrupt our gaming experience by dropping frames and logs on the device. So, the solution to this problem is to disable it from developer settings by using the instructions.

Step 1: Open the Developer Settings

Open the Developer settings on the Android smartphone (repeat method 3 steps for that).

Step 2: Disable the Force 4x MSAA

After that, find the “Force 4x MSAA” option and then disable it:

Method 5: Disable Battery Saver

The battery saver on the Android smartphone is used to increase battery health by restricting the high usage of the CPU and display. So, disable the battery saver before starting to play the game.

Step 1: Open Battery Settings

Go to the settings of the Android mobile phone and choose the battery option:

Step 2: Turn Off the Battery Saver

Now, select the “Battery Saver” option and then toggle its button to disable it:

These steps will disable the battery settings on the Android phone.

Method 6: Utilize a Third Party App

There are numerous apps on the Play Store that boost the gaming experience on the Android phone by applying different settings. In this method, we will utilize the Gaming Mode(Game Booster Pro) application because it has good ratings and its interface is quite simple.

Step 1: Download the Gaming Mode App

Download the “Gaming Mode” application from this link or from the Play Store.

Step 2: Enable the Booster 

After that, tap on the “+” icon and then select the game that we want to add. Next, toggle the switch next to the Game name to apply the booster settings on it.

This booster will enhance the gaming experience on Android smartphone

Method 7: Use Additional Hardware Accessory

The above-stated methods will increase the software performance of the games on Android. There is multiple hardware accessory that is also used to boost the gaming experience on the Android phone, such as the “fan intercooler” and “external controller”. 

We have presented the seven best methods to increase the performance of the Android smartphone for playing games.


We can optimize Android performance for gaming by executing different methods, such as “Background Limit access”, “Setting high refresh rate” and “utilizing the third party application”. The background limit access will process only the allowed applications while playing the game. The high refresh rate improves the display video and makes the animations smoother of the game. The third-party app automatically sets the best settings of the Android for a good gaming experience. This post has explained the most efficient methods to optimize gaming performance for Android.

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