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Why is Your Phone’s Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging?

A rechargeable battery comes along with every cell phone which allows the user to utilize the phone everywhere. A battery is recharged by the charger which is manufactured by its provider phone company. Right now Li-ion(lithium) batteries are commonly used in all the new smartphones and these lithium batteries have a life cycle of 2 to 3 years. These batteries are made up of three different parts, such as an anode, a cathode, and a separating electrolyte layer between the anode and cathode to prevent short-circuiting.

This article will describe the solutions and details of phone’s battery percentage going down while charging”.

Reasons for Phone’s Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging

There are various reasons for the issue of a phone’s battery percentage going down while charging and some of the most common reasons are given below:

  • The first main reason is the old phone battery. If the phone is 2-3 years old or even more that means the life of the battery has finished, and this is the reason for the battery drainage while charging.
  • The un-powerful charger and defective charging cable can also be the main reason for the battery drainage because a weak charger cannot provide enough power and a damaged charging cable cannot perfectly supply the power to the battery.
  • The vast amount of dust particles in the charging port can cause the battery not to charge properly. The dust particles present in the charging port will not let the charging cable connect properly to the phone.
  • The multiple apps running in the background of the phone can also cause the drainage of the battery while charging.
  • Charging from a computer or laptop will also charge the phone very slowly because the computer will provide 500 mA to 3.0 port and 900 mA to 1.0 port which is lower than the wall charger.
  • Phone is connected to the mobile network or WIFI and receives messages on the different applications while charging.
  • Not using a genuine charger or a charging cable can also cause the issue of battery drainage while charging the phone.

How to Fix: Phone’s Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging?

To fix the issue “of battery percentage going down while charging, we will use the below-explained solutions:

Solution 1. Enable the Power Saving mode on the Phone

Enabling the power-saving mode assists in limiting the use of background apps and close unwanted applications. Try to enable the power-saving mode while charging the phone. This may resolve the problem of the phone battery.

Solution 2. Clean/Clear the Charging Port of the Phone

Use the blow air into the phone’s charging port to clean the particles of dust that are stuck inside the port, causing the connecting problem between the phone and charger. The toothpick can also be utilized to clean the dust particles from the charging port.

Solution 3. Change the Charger or Charging Cable

Replace/Change the defective charger or charging cable with the proper functioning one. Sometimes, the charger is not compatible with the battery of the phone. So, consider buying a powerful or fast charger if the phone/battery supports it.

Solution 4. Disable the Mobile Network and Wifi on the Phone

The WIFI and mobile network are the main reason for lowering the mobile phone battery while it is on charging. Disable the wifi and mobile network by scrolling down the notifications panel and tapping on the wifi or mobile network.

Solution 5. Use the Phone’s Company-Made Charger and Charging Cable

It is recommended to utilize that company which manufactures the original charger and charging cable of our device. This is a kind of guarantee that the charger and charging cable is compatible with the phone and it will charge our device efficiently.

Solution 6. Change to a Suitable Power Source for the Phone

If the phone is connected through a USB cable to the PC and laptop for charging purposes; In that case, change the power source to the wall charger because a wall charger provides a full supply and more powerful charging than the PC or laptop. 

Solution 7. Replace or Repair the Battery of the Mobile Phone

If any of the above solutions are not working; then the battery needs to be repaired or replaced by the phone manufacturer company. Replacing an old or damaged battery is an appropriate way to rectify the phone’s battery charging issues.

We have covered all the details of the “Phone’s Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging


Sometimes the damaged charger, charging cable, or junk in the charging port might cause the issue of the phone’s battery percentage going down while charging. To resolve this issue there are various solutions, such as enabling the power-saving mode and cleaning the charging port of the phone. In this tutorial, we have explained all the details and solutions of the “Phones Battery Percenatege Going Down While Charging”.

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