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Why PS4 Controller Light is Red? How to Fix it?

The red light on the PS4 controller indicates player 2 but in some cases, it can be a sign of the damaged controller. If the red light is stuck on the controller and the controller is not connecting to the console then it could be a sign of a problem.

This blog will indicate why PS4 controller light is red and what possible steps we can take to fix this.

How to Resolve PS4 Controller Red Light Problem

To resolve the issue of the PS4 controller’s light being red, we will follow the below-given fixes:

Fix 1. Check the Hardware of the Controller

First, change the charging cable of the device, and after changing the cable if the issue persists then check the hardware of the controller. To check the hardware of the controller, follow the below stated steps:

Step 1: Check the Ribbon Cable

If the ribbon cable of the controller has stopped working, then the controller will not charge and cause the red light issue. To resolve this issue, clean the ribbon cables end with alcohol. If the problem is not fixed then change the ribbon cable with a new one.

Step 2: Change the Battery

If the controller is too old then the battery might be damaged or broken. To resolve this issue, simply buy a new battery for the controller.

Step 3: Check the Port

Sometimes, the faulty port does not let the controller charge. To resolve this issue, take the controller to the nearest repair shop and ask them to repair the faulty port.

If all the components of the hardware are fine then the issue is related to the software, To fix the software-related issue, follow the next-mentioned fixes.

Fix 2. Reset the Controller

To reset the controller, follow the below-described steps:

Step 1: At the back of the controller near the L2 button, hit the “Reset Button” for at least 8 seconds inside the hole using the sim ejector tool.

Step 2: Connect the controller to the console using the USB cable.

Step 3: Hit the “PS” button to turn on the PS4 controller.

These steps will reset the PS4 controller and it will fix the issue. 

PS4 Controller light Indications

In case, if more than one controller is connected to PS4, it will give the following (light) indication:

Player 1: Blue 

Player 2: Red 

Player 3: Green 

Player 4: Pink

We have covered all the details and proper fixes to resolve the issue of the PS4 controller’s red light.


The red light on the PS4 controller is a sign of the damaged hardware of the controller, such as a faulty port, flawed ribbon cable, and software-related issues. To resolve this issue, multiple solutions are stated above, such as “changing the battery of the controller”, “resetting the controller”, and “changing the ribbon cable” of the controller. In this tutorial, we have explained all the details and appropriate fixes to solve the issue of the PS4 red light.

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