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[Fixed] PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light

PlayStation is a famous gaming brand that produces games or series of games for consoles, and it is Developed by “Sony Computer Entertainment”. The first PlayStation console was introduced in December 1994 in Japan. Playstation 4 is one of the famous gaming consoles of Sony Entertainment because it delivers a great gaming experience, entertainment, and HDR technology.

This guide will demonstrate the details and solutions for the error of the PS4 controller’s orange/yellow light.

What is Meant by Orange Light in the PS4 Controller?

The dual shock controller displays many lights for the games, such as red, blue, green, and many different colors depending on the game. If the controller displays the blinking orange light outside the game, this means PS4 is going to the rest mode, and the controller is not connected to the console.

What is meant by Yellow Light on the PS4 Controller?

The unblinking yellow light on the PS4 controller means that the controller has just started charging and the controller is charging in the rest mode.

Reason Behind the Yellow/Orange Light on the PS4 Controller?

The yellow and orange light error does not have a specific reason means the error of the orange/yellow light of the PS4 controller is very common, and there could be multiple reasons for this error, such as software bugs, hardware failure, and damage batteries. Sometimes, restarting the console and controller resolves this error.

How to Resolve PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light Issue?

There are multiple solutions to resolve the error of the PS4 controller’s orange/yellow light; some of the most common solutions are described below:

Solution 1. Change the DualShock 4 Cable

Sometimes, the USB Cable is the cause of the orange/yellow light issue. To check the cable, try to use the cable with other devices; if the cable is working fine with the other devices, that means the cable is fine. In some cases, there is also a compatibility issue with the USB cable. The issue might occur if we use a non-official USB cable with the controller. To resolve this, try using a new official cable with the controller and after using the new official USB cable, the cable is the reason for this error if the light turns orange/yellow to white/blue. Try the other second solution if this solution does not resolve the problem.

Solution 2. Change the Controller Batteries

The worn-out batteries can also cause the issue of the PS4 controller’s orange/yellow light. To resolve this issue, simply remove and change the batteries with new 2 AA batteries. If you don’t have the new battery, then try to change the positions of the battery. This might resolve the orange/yellow light problem.

Solution 3. Reset the Controller of the PS4

Resetting the controller might resolve the issue of the PS4 controller’s orange/yellow light. To reset the dual shock controller, follow the stated below steps:

  • The reset button is present inside the small hole at the controller’s back side near the L2 button.
  • Utilize the SIM ejector tool, then press and hold the reset button through the SIM ejector tool for a few seconds.
  • After that, restart the controller and connect it to the console.

These steps will reset the controller and might resolve the issue.

Solution 4. Reset the PS4 Console

If resetting the controller does not resolve the problem, try resetting the console. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the console:

  • First, press the console’s power button for a few seconds until you hear two beeps; doing so will turn off the PS4.
  • Then, wait for a few moments until the console light completely goes off.
  • Next, press the power button for a few seconds until you hear the two beeps; this will turn on the PS4.
  • Finally, the safe mode menu will appear on the screen, and then select the “Reset” option from the menu.

These steps will reset the PS4 console and might resolve the problem.

Solution 5. Reboot both PS4 Console and Controller

Restarting both devices (console and controller) will fix the temporary issues or bugs. First, disconnect the controller from the console. Next, turn the PS4 off by pressing/holding the power button for a few seconds, then pushing the power button again will turn the console on. Doing so will reboot/restart the console; after restarting the console, consider reconnecting the controller to the console. This might resolve the problem of orange/yellow light.

Solution 6. Press PlayStation Button from Controller

The PlayStation button located in the controller’s center is utilized for starting the console. Simply restart the console and re-connect the DualShock controller; now, keep pressing the PlayStation button on your controller. This solution might resolve the issue of the PS4 controller’s orange/yellow lights.

Solution 7. Check the Input Signal of the Controller

If all the above-stated solutions are not resolving the problem, that means the issue in the controller’s hardware. To check the controller, simply connect the controller to the computer through the cable or via Bluetooth. After connecting, open the “control panel” from the start menu and select the option “Devices and Printers”. Right-click on the “Controller” and hit the “Controller setting” option. Finally, select the “Properties” option and press each controller button to check whether the buttons are working fine or not.

We have covered all the aspects and solutions for the error PS4 controller orange/yellow light.


The orange light on the PS4 controller indicates that the controller is in the rest mode or is not connected to the console. The yellow light indicates that the controller is charging in rest mode. There could be numerous reasons for this issue, such as software bugs, damaged batteries, and faulty hardware. To resolve these issues, there are various solutions, such as resetting the console and controller, restarting both devices, and changing the controller’s batteries. In this tutorial, we have explained all the solutions for the error “PS4 controller orange/yellow light

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