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How to Resolve the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ Issue on iPhone

Phone is a built-in application on the iPhone in which we can make phone calls through the cellular network. Sometimes, when we try to call someone using the Phone app, an error notification pops up on the iPhone device screen stating “Last Line No Longer available”. This error usually appears when we have two SIM cards on our iPhone device. There are various reasons behind this error message, such as “wrong network settings configuration”, ”outdated carrier settings” and “temporary glitch or bug”.

Solutions to Solve the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ Issue on iPhone

The “last line no longer available” issue on iPhone can be resolved with the assistance of numerous solutions. We have to try all solutions one by one in order to rectify this issue:

  1. Activate and then Deactivate Airplane Mode
  2. Clear the Recent from the Call Log
  3. Re-insert the SIM Card 
  4. Deactivate WiFi calling
  5. Update Carrier Settings on iPhone
  6. Turn Off the Automatic Network Selection Feature 
  7. Reset the Network Settings

Solution 1: Activate and then Deactivate Airplane Mode

The Airplane mode will refresh the settings of the cellular network and help us to solve this last line no longer error on iPhone. The steps of this operation are presented below.

Step 1: Enable the Airplane Mode

At the home screen, simply, swipe from top to bottom and then tap on the “Aeroplan” icon. Alternatively, For iPhone home buttons, swipe from bottom to top and then select the “Aeroplane” icon.

Step 2: Disable the Airplane Mode

Now, wait for at least 2 minutes and then again tap on the “Aeroplane” icon:

When the Airplane mode is turned on, its icon is filled with orange color.

Solution 2: Clear the Recent Call Log

If the error last line is no longer available occurs when we dial the phone number, then delete the recent call log numbers. To do so, let’s get started with these steps.

Step 1: Open the Recents on the Phone App

First, open the phone app and then select the “Recent” tab:

Step 2: Clear the Call logs from Recent 

Now, hit the “Edit” option and then choose the “Clear” option. After that, pick the “Clear All Recents” option:

Solution 3: Re-insert the SIM Card

If the SIM card on an iPhone is not inserted correctly, the device may display the “last line no longer issue” error. Simply, get the SIM tray out with the help of the SIM ejection tool and then insert the SIM card properly.

In case no SIM ejection tool is available, follow this mentioned article.

Solution 4: Disable WiFi Calling

The WiFi calling feature will allow us to make phone calls over the internet connection when the carrier service signal is weak. So, this can also cause this error on the iPhone device. We can disable this feature by following the instructions explained n the next section.

Step 1: Open the Cellular Settings 

Navigate to the “Settings” application of the iPhone and then choose the “Cellular” option.

Step 2: Disable WiFi Calling

Now, select the “WiFi Calling” option and then toggle the “WiFi calling in this iPhone” button to disable it:

Solution 5: Update Carrier Settings

If the carrier settings are not up to date then we will face the last line no longer being available issue on the iPhone. Updating the carrier settings will resolve this error. To update carrier settings follow the presented steps.

Step 1: Open the About Tab from Settings

First, go to the “Settings>General” options and then choose the “About” tab.

Step 2: Update the Carrier Settings

Now, scroll down to the carrier tab and wait for 1 minute, if the “Update” prompt gets displayed on the screen; install it.

Solution 6: Deactivate the Automatic Network Selection

The automatic network selection will automatically make a call with the best connection carrier service. This will also lead us to this error, so we have to disable it from the settings.

Step 1: Open the Cellular Settings

Open the cellular settings as we do in the above solution 4.

Step 2: Disable the Automatic Network Selection on iPhone

Now, choose the “Network Selection” option and then toggle the “Automatic” button to turn it off.

Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

If the network settings are configured incorrectly, the error last line no longer available will occur on the iPhone. To rectify this problem, we will reset the network settings of the iPhone as shown in the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Transfer and Reset Tab

Navigate to the “Settings>General” options and then hit the “Transfer and reset” tab.

Step 2: Reset Network Settings 

Now, pick the “Reset” tab and then choose “Reset Network Settings”.

These steps will set the network settings of the iPhone to the default.


To resolve the “last line no longer available problem on iPhone”, we will follow various solutions, such as “disabling WiFi calling”, “updating carrier settings” or “resetting the network settings”. To disable the WiFi calling feature, simply go to the “settings>cellular>WiFi calling” options and then toggle the switch to disable it. We can update the carrier settings by navigating to the “settings>general>about>carrier” options and selecting the “update” option. The reset network settings will rectify the wrong configuration of the network settings to the default. This guide has illustrated the seven suitable solutions to solve the last line no longer available problem on iPhone smartphones.

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