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What is Samsung Accessory Service? (Transferring File Please Wait)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is a Multinational Conglomerate corporation that produces electronic devices and has the 8th highest global value. Within the industry, “Samsung Electronics” is specialized in producing the electronics, such as semiconductors, digital media devices, and integrated systems.

In this article, we will demonstrate what is Samsung accessory service and what could be the possible solutions for the message “ transferring the file, please wait”.

What is Samsung Accessory Service On Samsung Smartphones?

The Samsung Accessory is the app that allows the Samsung device to establish the connection between the Samsung smartphone and accessories, such as the Samsung watch. There are two features of this app, one is for transferring files, and the other is for sending/receiving data. This utility usually runs in the background of the device.


  • The app requires “storage permission” to transfer the files.
  • Wifi” and “Bluetooth” should be turned on to establish the connection with the accessories.

Reason for Notification “Transferring File”?

When we establish the connection between the Samsung device and accessories, the Samsung accessories app automatically checks for updates for the connected accessory. If any update is available, the Samsung accessory app will update the connected accessory by downloading the package/file and transferring it into it. At the time of transferring, the notification “transferring file” might occur. 

Moreover, if the distance between the mobile and the accessory is more than its specified range, then the notification “transferring the file, please wait” might also occur. 

Solutions for Notification “Transferring File”

To fix the “transferring the file, please wait” issue, we will follow the below-mentioned solutions:

Solution 1. Minimize the Distance Between the Device and Accessory

The huge distance between the device and the accessory can cause connectivity problems. So, place the device and the accessory even closer than before; then reconnect the accessory with the device. There is quite a possibility that it will resolve the issue and you might not have to follow the next solution.

Solution 2. Clear the Cache Data of the Samsung Accessory App

The corrupted or old files in the cache also cause this error. To resolve this issue, simply clear the cache data of the app. To clear the cache data, follow the steps described below:

  • Simply, navigate to “Setting on the Samsung device.
  • After that, tap on the “App” option. 
  • Then, search for the “Samsung Accessory Service” option and select it. 
  • Finally, tap on the storage and hit on the “Clear cache” option. After this, restart the device, and this might resolve the issue.

These steps will clear the corrupted or old files stored within the cache.

We have explained what “Samsung Accessory Service” is and what could be the solution for the error message “transferring file please wait”.


The Samsung accessory is the application that assists in establishing the connection between the Samsung device and different accessories. While utilizing the applications, the notification “transferring file please wait” appears. To dissolve this notification, we can follow multiple ways, such as minimizing the distance between the device or accessory or clearing the cache data of the app. This post has explained the details about “Samsung Accessory Service” and appropriate solutions for the error message” transferring file please wait”. 

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