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What is Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device On My Network

Seeing strange devices in the list of networks for accessing the internet can leave any open eyes. Such a network named Shenzhen Bilian Electronic appears and leaves many others in suspense about what it is and what it has to do with the network. 

This blog will demonstrate what Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device is on the network.

What Does Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device Mean?

Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is a competitive electronics device maker including wireless network adapters and other devices. Shenzhen Bilian Electronics devices are supplied all over the world through China.

Shenzhen Bilian Electronics is a huge organization that sells its modules to other firms rather than individuals. Therefore, its devices/chips can be found in many electronic devices, such as cameras, routers, and different digital accessories.

Why do I Have Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device on my Network?

If you are able to see the Shenzhen Bilian Electronic on your network, it means their manufactured device is installed within your router, camera, or other wireless home accessory. 

Manufacturers often make their devices hide from users, however, in most cases they let them display to give the hunch of the product for configuration or other branding purposes

How to Make the Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Device Disappear?

You can make the Shenzhen Bilian Electronics device disappear, however, it depends on how you do it because in most cases it starts displaying back.

If you only disconnect it from your network, then it will come back. So, you should access the device configurations or settings and find the option to disable it. Moreover, some network protection software can also be used to block malicious or unknown entries from the network list. 

How to Identify Which Shenzhen Bilian Device is on my Network?

As Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Co creates many wireless devices, it could be challenging to identify one from different devices. However, thanks to network discovery network software can be found widely on the internet helps in identifying such devices. Simply install any software that has a tendency to uncover devices which are showing within the range of the network and run it to get results.

Is Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Malicious?

Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Co is a trusted name popular for its extensive research and development of IoT devices. If it is designing its products in such a way, then there could be a reason behind it. There, it is not suitable if we call Shenzhen Bilian Electronic devices malicious.

However, in the era of technology, attackers become unnoticeable by using the names of the trusted manufacturers and brands. Therefore, by keeping this in view, it is necessary to take necessary steps that enhance the network security and block any unusual attempts or activities.

Which Devices Does Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Make?

There are more than sixty electronic models that Shenzhen Bilian Electronic makes; a few of them are listed below:

  • WiFi Modules
  • Bluetooth Modules
  • WiFi USB Modules
  • Bluetooth USB Modules 
  • Wireless Routers

To check a detailed list of products, check this database filled with only Shenzhen Bilian Electronic devices.

Does Getting Manufacturer’s Names on My WiFi Normal?

If names like Shenzhen Bilian Electronics, Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology, or Espressif Inc pop up on the WiFi, it is completely normal. However, you can always Google the name of the device that is appearing on the network to identify if it is a trusted module which is installed in the product, such as a router. Otherwise, some security measure needs to be taken to increase the network security and restrict other from accessing your personal network.


If a Shenzhen Bilian Electronics device is connected to the network, it means your products which could be a wireless modem or any Bluetooth adapter, have a Shenzhen Bilian Electronic created module. It is completely safe if your Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device is appearing on your network. This article has made us learn about all the essential details of Shenzhen Bilian Electronic devices that can be found on the network.

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