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SMS Short Codes (5 or 6-Digit Number) | Explained

Text message is the act of composing and sending electronic messages containing alphabetic and numeric characters between two or more users through electronic devices, such as mobile, PC, and Laptops. These text messages could be utilized for fulfilling personal, family, or social purposes. Often, large organizations and brands use shortcode text messages for its campaign.

This post will provide the details of the shortcodes and also explain the different types of shortcodes.

What is a Short Code?

The shortcode is a 5 or 6-digit cell phone number that is utilized by organizations to send marketing texts. The shortcodes are shorter than the normal phone number and these shortcodes are utilized for sending a huge amount of messages in a very short interval of time. 

Types of SMS Short Codes

Two different SMS marketing shortcodes are “Random” and “Vanity” shortcodes. There is not much difference between these two SMS marketing shortcodes; the only difference is between the number and costs for maintaining them.

Random ShortCode vs Vanity Shortcode Whofixit.com

Random Short Codes

Random shortcodes are also known as non-vanity shortcodes. This shortcode is a random 5 or 6-digit number given to the consumer. The consumer does not have any control to choose these 5 or 6 digits numbers. Random shortcodes are largely used as compared to vanity shortcodes as it is affordable compared to vanity shortcode

Vanity Short Codes

The vanity short code is similar to the license plates consisting of a specific 5 to 6-digit number. It is very expensive as compared to random shortcodes because the US (United State) Short Code Registry will charge a premium to select or maintain the number of our choice. These shortcodes are easier to remember, such as” 333444” and “556677”.

Random Short Codes Price Vanity Short Code Price 
$500 Per Month$1000 Per Month

Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Short Codes

The shared shortcodes were commonly used in the past. Currently, dedicated shortcodes are the only option available in the SMS Marketing Shortcodes. Let’s explore more about shared and dedicated short codes in detail:

Shared Short Codes

The shared short code could be used by multiple brands and organizations at the same time but it is no longer available. Shared short codes were very beneficial for brands as they were very affordable. The cellular carrier had decided to ban the use of shared short codes at the end of 2021 and the main reason behind doing this is to identify and stop spammers. After this, all the organizations and companies switch to dedicated short codes and 10-digit phone numbers.

Dedicated Short Codes

The dedicated short codes give full control over the content of the SMS that is sent from our number. The dedicated shortcodes protect the probability of our shortcode and it can only be used by a single organization or company. No keyword restrictions and controlling the messages are the benefits of the dedicated shortcodes.

Short Code Toll-Free10DLC
5 or 6 Digits10-Digits10-Digits
$500-$1000 per monthFree$10 per month
No Carrier FilteringCarrier FilteringCarrier Filtering 

We have provided all the details of the shortcodes and also explain the different types of shortcodes.


The shortcodes are “5 or 6-digit” numbers that are used to send Marketing texts by organizations and brands. Random and Vanity are the two different types of shortcodes. Random shortcodes are 5 or 6-digit numbers and are also affordable. Vanity Shortcodes are 5 or 6-digit numbers of our choice and are very expensive. This blog has demonstrated all the details of shortcodes and also explains the different types of shortcodes.

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