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How to Stop ‘mdnsd’ from Draining Your Android Battery

The batteries of Android smartphones are very powerful and long-lasting. The Android smartphone batteries provide a very decent screen time even if we use a lot of applications extensively. The display screen will drain most of the battery of the Android smartphone 

This post will elaborate on the details about mdnsd and suitable approaches to stop it from consuming high battery.

What is “mdnsd” and How it Works?

The mdnsd is a process on the Android smartphone that gets active when a phone processor is under high loads, such as “excessive background running apps”, “corrupted files” and “outdated software version”. The mdnsd will drain the battery very fast and take usage more than the display screen of the phone when the mdnsd is overfilled by the load.

How to Stop ‘mdnsd’ from Draining Your Android Battery

The mdnsd is a process that cannot be considered a form of application or an app itself. The mdnsd is an essential process of the Android operating system that cannot be removed from the smartphone. It is also called the “DNS Deamon” and it runs in the background of the cell phone. Often, the issue of a highly consuming battery occurs when the mdnsd is overfilled.

How to Stop mdnsd from Draining the Android Battery

The mdnsd is a process, so we cannot uninstall it from the Android smartphone. However, we can apply different approaches to control the mdnsd on the Android smartphone:

  • Stop the Apps from Running in the Background of the Smartphone
  • Update the Android Software 
  • Delete Unnecessary Apps and Media Files
  • Use a Third-Party App

Approach 1: Stop the Apps From Running in the Background of the Device

Stopping the background running apps will help us to stop overloading the mdnsd on the Android smartphone. We can stop the apps from running in the background of the device by force-stopping it. This process will increase the battery life of the Android smartphone and to do so, we will follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Open Apps & Notification Settings

First, launch the settings application and then choose the “Apps/ Apps & Notifications” option.

Step 2: Select the App

Select the app that is consuming a lot of battery on the Android mobile phone.

Step 3: Force-Stop the App

Now, hit the “Force-stop” option and then choose the “OK” option.

The app stopped running in the background until we restart the device. 

Approach 2: Update the Android Software

The update on the Android will fix the software-related issues of the device, so this procedure is very valuable to resolve this battery-draining issue. The steps to update Android software are explained below:

Step 1: Open System Settings

Navigate to the settings of the Android phone and choose the “System” tab.

Step 2: Download the Update

Now, choose the “System Update/ Software Update” option and then install it.

The device will reboot to execute the changes and resolve some software-related issues on the phone.

Approach 3: Delete the Unnecessary Apps and Media Files

The mdnsd drains a huge amount of battery when it is overloaded or overfilled. To fix this issue, simply, uninstall all the unnecessary apps from the device and transfer the media files like photos or videos to another external hard drive or computer. This mdnsd process will not get overloaded directly effect the battery life.

Approach 4: Use a Thrid-Party Application

We can utilize a third party that will remove junk files from the device storage and stop the mdnsd from being overloaded. We can download the CCleaner app because it clears junk files from the Android storage. The steps to accomplish the CCleaner application on Android phones follow the below-stated steps:

Step 1: Install the CCleaner App

First, install the “CCleaner app” by visiting this link or from the Play Store.

Step 2: Clean the Junk Files

After that, hit the “Quick Clean” option and then choose the “Finish Cleaning” option. Next, select the “Clear” option.

All the junk files will be removed from the device and it also stops the mdnsd process to overloaded.

We have expressed all the details about mdnsd and appropriate approaches to stop mdnsd from draining the high battery.


To stop mdnsd from draining the battery, consider “stopping background running access”, “updating software” or “deleting unnecessary apps and media files”. In this article, we have learned how to restrict the “mdnsd” from consuming the batter of the Android excessively.

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