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What is a Text Mail Subscriber? Everything you should know

We get so many promotion calls in a day but sometimes, giving a callback on that number, a voice message is received that is stating the text mail subscriber is not available. This could happen because the number we are calling is randomly generated by apps, such as Google Voice, 2nd Line, and TextNow.

This article will explain the details of text mail subscribers and the appropriate methods to track them.

What Does Text Mail Subscriber Do on Smartphones?

The Text Mail Subscriber is the user who has subscribed to the text mail only. These notifications and calls are attempted through the Internet instead of standard telecommunications like telephone numbers. “Text Mail Subscriber” service is usually used by companies and brands for their promotions. When we call back these numbers, the user of the text mail subscriber will receive the plain email and notify the user that we tried to reach them.

Is Text Mail Subscriber a Scam?

Text mail subscribers are usually used by the brands for their promotion but this can also be used by scammers. So do not give any personal information or any account credentials to these types of calls. The common tricks for scammers to scam people are stated below:

  • Winning a lottery and prize texts.
  • Messages from agencies and banks to provide personal information.
  • Relatives are in trouble.

Can We Track Text Mail Subscribers?

Yes, we can track a text mail subscriber but it depends upon the internet service that they are using. It is very hard to track text mail subscribers because the numbers are randomly generated. We have mentioned some methods to determine the text mail subscriber:

  • Find the text mail subscribers using the search engine.
  • Utilize the mobile number tracking apps.
  • Check on the online phone lookup.

Let’s explore the methods precisely:

Method 1: Find the Text Mail Subscriber by using the Search Engine

Find the text mail subscriber using search engines like Google, simply type the number in double commas, and then search for it. For example “1232456789”. We can easily track the number if it is associated with forums and websites.

Method 2: Utilize the Mobile Tracking Apps

Install the “Robo Call Blocker” application on the device by clicking here. This application will let us know who is calling us and also let us know the blacklist callers. This application is paid and gives a 7-day free trial to new users.

Method 3: Check on the Online Phone Lookup

Simply, go to the people finders reverse phone lookup website by clicking here. After that, paste the phone number and click on the search icon. It will let us know the caller’s information.

We have covered all the details of text mail subscribers and the proper methods to track the text mail subscriber. 


The Text Mail Subscriber is the user who has subscribed to the text mail only. These calls and messages are done via the Internet instead of a regular telephone number and the phone numbers are randomly generated by the apps, such as Google Voice and 2nd Line. These numbers are also used by scammers to scam people. The three methods to track the text mail subscriber are finding with the help of a search engine, utilizing a mobile tracking application, and checking the phone on reverse phone number lookup websites. This blog has demonstrated all the details about text mail subscribers and three methods to track them.

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